Birthstone Stackers

Birthstone Stackers


Simplicity with a twist, these classic stackers have a sweet little detail framing the gemstone. Handmade silver baubles are soldered on either side of the tube-set birthstones of your choice. The rings are delicate enough to stack in multitude. Choose your family's birthstones, your favorite colors, or create a color combination to match your favorite outfit. The gemstones are 4mm, and the round ring bands are 2mm wide.

***This listing is for one ring, if you are ordering more than one, choose quantity in drop down menu***

Some of the gemstones are natural (see list below) but, to keep ring pricing consistent, some birthstones used for the stackers are lab grown. If you prefer a natural stone where a lab-grown is offered, inbox me for pricing.

January: Garnet, dark red, natural

February: Amethyst, dark purple, natural

March: Aquamarine, Light blue, lab grown

April: Diamond, Natural white topaz used as a substitution (contact if you'd like diamond)

May: Emerald, green, lab grown

June: Alexandrite, purple-to-green, lab grown

July: Ruby, red, lab grown

August: Peridot, spring green, natural

September: Sapphire, dark blue, lab grown

October: Tourmaline, pink, lab grown

November: Topaz, orange, lab grown

December: Zircon, aqua, lab grown

More on lab-grown stones: Lab-grown gemstones are identical in every way to earth mined gems. They carry the same physical, optical and chemical make up as their natural gemstone equivalent.

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