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wedding ring workshop


Come make your own wedding rings!

The most symbolic part of a wedding ceremony is putting the rings on each other’s fingers. Now imagine, it’s the rings you made.

In the Wedding Ring Workshop, I’ll take you through each step of the process, from starting with a piece of gold, to leaving with your handmade wedding bands, ready for the aisle.

No experience is necessary. You’ll be given instructions and demonstrations throughout the process.

You choose the materials, the dimensions, and the look of the rings, I’ll show you how to make that vision come to life, one step at a time.

You’ll leave the Wedding Ring Workshop with perfectly fitting rings, the shared experience of creating those artisan bands together, and you new family’s first heirloom.

Be a part of the new tradition! It’s a chance for you and your future spouse to work and create side by side. That’s a great way to start a marriage.


Come take handmade, local, and DIY to a new level with a Wedding Ring Workshop.

The session usually runs between 5 and 7 hours, and is held in my sun-soaked studio in Abington, MA (about a half hour south of Boston).

Interested in learning more? Email me at amy{at}agambroult{dot}com


“We absolutely loved getting the opportunity to make each other’s rings with Amy’s help. Before the workshop, Amy guided us in figuring out what would be needed to bring the designs we had in mind to life. Her instructions in the workshop were clear and easy to understand. We were able to approach every step with confidence, knowing that Amy was ready to help if needed. Amy maintained a pleasant collaborative atmosphere throughout the process and in addition to crafting our rings we also had a lot of fun! Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable experience, and we are so happy to be giving each other wedding rings that have already been imbued with such a special memory.” –Ariel and Garth

“We had a wonderful experience at Amy’s workshop. It was important to us to have rings that would be incredibly personal, and being able to make our own rings by hand in such a short time frame made that possible. Amy customized the experience to our needs and let us do everything ourselves, providing clear instructions and demonstrations for each step. For us, these rings represent something we couldn’t buy in a jewelry store. Thank you, Amy.” –Maya & Brien

“At the time we began looking at wedding rings, {we} came across an article about a trend in DIY wedding rings, under the guidance of a master jeweler. Because I am so in love with Amy’s work, we decided to approach her about helping us create our rings under her tutelage. We were overjoyed when she agreed and the resulting experience is a wonderful memory and story — not to mention we have beautiful rings, exactly how we envisioned. We’re thrilled to hear that Amy is expanding to offer more couples this amazing gift.” –Bridgette & Eric