new work meet the maker


Do you do custom orders?
Absolutely! Contact me here and we’ll see what we can create together.

Can I see your work in person?
If you live in New England, check out the Events page to see a list of the shows and markets I am participating in.

Some of your pieces looked tarnished. What’s up with that?
I favor an organic, rustic finish on many of my pieces. They are dipped in an oxidizing solution to blacken them, and then I use a coarse brush to rub the darkened surface off in places, and leave darkened surface on in other places.

Is AG Ambroult environmentally friendly?
I’m glad you asked. In short, the answer is yes! I use recycled silver when available (which is the majority of the time), and I also recycled all my silver scrap (as do most jewelers). Jewelry is presented in 100% recycled content boxes, and I use biodegradable plastic baggies to protect every piece that I make. In the office, I use only recycled paper, and always recycle my empty ink cartridges. In the studio, I have phased out the use of paper towels, and use rags instead. I also use an environmentally-safe alternative to a chemical jeweler’s solution.

I have some questions about repair/return/exchange. Where can I find your policies on that?
Right here.

I still have questions!
Have you read through my About page yet? Yes? And you still have questions? Okay, just contact me and ask away!