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silver wire

Ice Cream Scheme

The other day, I shared this picture of custom-ordered word stones with my friends.  I got some positive feedback and then one person (one of my oldest friends) said, “Can you buy ice cream with those?” I was instantly transported back to one of my favorite childhood memories. Brian and I were probably about 5 […]

Artful Stones

When I read GardenMama’s blog post announcing an artful stone swap, I believe my response was, “I’m In! I’m In!” She asked us to specify what medium we would be using with our stone and, of course, I said silver. At the time I had no idea what, exactly, I would be doing or how […]

Wedding Boxes

Over the past month, “A” and I have been collaborating on a set of boxes for a friend’s wedding. These five mahogany boxes are gifts for the groomsmen, each one bearing the recipient’s initials. All of the boxes were cut from a single chunk (that’s a technical term) of wood, so if lined up in […]

Copper Garden Markers for Mom

“A” and I often make the gifts we give on Mother’s Day. In fact we make most of the gifts we give year-round. But with so many giving occasions—holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day, one can only give so many pieces of jewelry or wooden items to their mother. I had been mulling over making some garden […]

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