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Notes From the Jeweler’s Bench

A Metalsmith’s Morning (Glamorous it is not) Each day starts with getting the girls up and off to school, followed by a little computer time. Then the work day starts, without fail, like this: Make a (second) cup of tea Tape up (to cover the cuts and scrapes that I seem to get every day) […]

Seeing the Forest…

Sometimes, I just can’t see the forest for the trees. See, one of my most popular items is the Initial Charm Necklace. Simple and straight forward, a single initial on a small disc. But, I have a confession: I have always felt a little luke-warm about this piece, as it is not one of my […]

Why I Won’t Look At The Calendar

I’m still here, and all is well. Just haven’t been here. The momentum of summer has taken over, and I find myself in places far away from the computer. It’s refreshing. In my absence: We found a rainbow I made a whole lotta circles The girls set up an outdoor living room, complete with a […]

Labor of Love: Custom Jewelry

There’s something about making custom pieces that both humbles and terrifies me. I mean, what could be more flattering than someone asking you to make their vision come to fruition? They must have liked the style of my jewelry designs, right? And I can only assume that they must have confidence in my metalsmithing techniques—my […]

A Collaboration for Little Miss Eight

She loved this ring I sold. It’s was a big silver dome with green beads sticking out of the top of it. I would have given it to her, but it was so big for her hand I knew she wouldn’t really be able to wear it. Clearly, she was going to need her own […]

Colorful Necklaces & Some News

Sometimes, when I look at my body of work, I am painfully aware of the lack of color. This perplexes me, because my world revolves around color. My home is painted and decorated in a rainbow of shades, my shoes span the spectrum, and I gravitate towards pretty much anything that is a beautiful hue. […]

Copper Garden Markers for Mom

“A” and I often make the gifts we give on Mother’s Day. In fact we make most of the gifts we give year-round. But with so many giving occasions—holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day, one can only give so many pieces of jewelry or wooden items to their mother. I had been mulling over making some garden […]

Making and Doing

It’s show season! Or, It’s show season, oh my. I have a million things to do including designing and fabricating an entire new line of products in addition to making lots of jewelry, new and old, to have on hand. Oh, and I also need to expand/improve my displays, locate another table, etc…. I’m relieved […]

Roger That

Sometimes, despite great effort, something we try to make just isn’t meant to be. Have you ever had that experience? I have, plenty, and I’ll bet anyone who creates anything has had a project that just won’t go along with the plan. That piece, for me, is the necklace below. I think you could guess […]

Springtime Fun

This weekend… …somebody left a trail of tiny flowers to follow …and a dozen wooly eggs …and a “Mount Everest” of jellybeans and other sweets This weekend, somebody else finished up this little piece that screams spring. A milky yellow moss opal, slightly egg-shaped, with what looks like little plants sprouting in it. (See more […]

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