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Kitchen Firsts & Lasts

So much changes in the kitchen this time of year. Out winter stockpile dwindles just as we transplant the new seedlings. We simultaneously welcome fresh ingredients and say goodbye to all those hearty cold-weather recipes. Firsts and lasts abound. ~first corn, last jars of freezer jam and pesto~ ~First green smoothie, last frozen blueberries, picked […]

Italian Ice For All

I think we can officially can this summer the Summer of Italian Ice. We’re obsessed, but the frequent trips to the store to get our hands on some Richie’s Italian Ice is getting pricey and junky. So we figured out how to make our own, and haven’t stopped making it yet. Watermelon: cut up half […]

The Biga, The Better

I am from Boston, but I don’t mean “biggah,” I’m talking about biga, a bread starter. Cousin to the sourdough starter, the biga is the key ingredient used in Italian-style country breads like ciabatta and pagnotta. It adds flavor and gives a crisp crust and moist chewy inside that, until now, I had only enjoyed […]

Apple Mania

The apple pickers brought home a multitude of apples this weekend, and so the fun begins. I am licking my lips just thinking of all the apple sauce, pie filling, cobblers, and muffins (and I think I need to find a good cider donut recipe this year) we will be feasting on soon. I know […]

New Rhythms

In the swing of things again, and it is bittersweet. Those wide-open days of summer vacation seem so long ago already. New rhythms keep the beat while we get ready for school, do homework, go to soccer, bake lots of bread for sandwiches, and have productive sessions in the workshop. This year, in an effort […]

It’s That Time Again

There’s been lots of action in our kitchen lately, now that the cooler weather is settling in. Canning, simmering, baking, braising, stewing, and fermenting are again part of the routine. It’ll be 8 weeks until we can taste these dill pickles, and we are waiting as patiently as we can. We tried a new recipe […]

Surroundings: Part 3

When we moved into our home, the kitchen was a bit out of date. And by out of date, I mean 1940s, complete with a huge contraption that we believe was the first dishwasher ever. Fast forward a few years to the kitchen renovation—a budget remodel, done completely by “A”. The new walls, windows, floors, […]


Alas, today brings the last of the blueberry recipes—and it only seems fitting, as we experience a break in the heat and wake to a crisp, dry 60-degree morning. It’s as if, just like that, the summer weather has set its sights on back to school and apple-picking season. We have eaten the majority of […]

Blueberry Granita

An icy blueberry treat…the perfect berry recipe for these hot muggy days. You may have noticed that since the scones, we have not baked any other blueberry recipes. No thanks. In fact, I don’t think we have turned on the oven at all. It’s been sandwiches and grilled fare for meals all week. So enjoy […]


The deep-fried millet croquettes (recipe from Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair) we had for dinner last night were delish, but it was the pot of leftover deep-frying oil (safflower oil) that inspired our dessert-on-a-whim. These home made potato chips, complete with a generous helping of salt were thin, crispy, and full of real […]

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