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Thirty Four Seconds

1 package of clay 2 days of clay sculpting/photography 2.5 hours of post production thanks to “A” 3 story boards 10 sheets of construction paper 170 photographs and countless clay poses …all equal the 34-second long claymation movie, made by my girls. It features Super Horse and Power Puggy putting a house fire out. It’s a real […]

Beginner Drawing Lessons, Part III

Yay! Welcome to the third and final lesson in this three-part series: Color Where would we be without color? The deep blue sea, scarlet poppies, and blazing sunsets would all be pretty nondescript without the hues that make them unforgettable. There is so much to learn about color, but I’m going to keep it fairly […]

Beginner Drawing Lessons, Part II

Welcome to the second lesson of this three-part series: Value In art, value refers to the darkness and lightness of color or tone. The variations in light and dark within a drawing are what will make it come to life. Have you ever noticed how an unexpected highlight on an object makes it really pop? […]

Beginner Drawing Lessons, a Three-Part Series: Part I

NOTE: My apologies to those who subscribe in a reader. I accidentally hit “publish” in the middle of my first draft of this post. I deleted it immediately , but I think some of you still got the wonky post. Oops! Welcome to my Beginner Drawing Lessons, written with kids in mind, but perfect for […]


There’s been lots of learning going on around here. From raw food to instrument maintenance, our recent explorations have run the gamut. “A,” an avid jazz pianist, is learning to tune pianos. This is not the beautiful music we are used to hearing on a daily basis. This is a lot of bent notes and […]

This Week

School vacations are perfectly timed. Just as the daily process starts to get weary, a chance to change up the routine saves the day. And, though we did we did not escape to the mountains, or go anywhere for longer than a day, we took the opportunity to flip the days on end. There were […]

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