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How Do You Do It?

I don’t know how y’all do it. My past few weeks have been quite busy, filling orders one after the next, and going through the lessons in my class. I can’t complain. My two children both attend full-time school, which leaves me with a large chunk of daytime working hours, and during those hours, work, […]

Taking The Plunge

Between a vacation to Florida, a stack of orders thanks to that print feature, another show to get ready for this weekend, and a class to prepare for, I am swamped. I kinda feel like the little one on the front of this log ride. Not even trying to hide the sheer terror of it […]

How a Rock Inspired a Party (and a pin)

I was perusing the 5 Orange Potatoes shop in the hopes that she-who-was-about-to-turn-seven would catch a glimpse of the screen and point out a favorite. Of course, she took the bait and flipped for this little pet rock. From the moment she opened it, they have been inseparable, and it didn’t take long for mustache mania to hit […]

Notes From the Jeweler’s Bench

I have decided to start a new series called Notes From the Jeweler’s Bench, that I will post once or twice a month. I’ll use the installments of “Notes” to:1. show what I’m up to in the shop2. give you tours of my space, tools, and equipment3. demonstrate a few techniques, to take the mystery […]

Yay! A Giveaway!

AND THE WINNER IS…Erin, at Tiny Twist Creative. Yay! First things first: I’m having a sale. Take 15% off everything in my shop through December 10th. Just use coupon code EDEC10 at checkout. Now to the giveaway: I’m offering up a feather bookmark to one lucky winner! sterling silver feather bookmark To enter to win, […]

Craft Show Hangover

Whew. Another show over and done with. I did the fabulous hand-made artisan show, Craftopia, yesterday and oh, how I love these events. It’s like going to a party, that lasts from early in the morning until dinner time, where I see old friends that I only see at these shows. We catch up, share […]

He Lost His Ring

Actually, he lost it last spring. We thought for certain it had fallen into the depths of his piano, during a tuning session. We looked into the bowels of that complicated instrument. No ring. We thought for sure it was in his workshop, having fallen into a pile of wood shavings after he removed it […]

Thinking, Feeling…

Thoughts and feelings—sometimes coming at you in rapid-fire fashion, sometimes welling up slowly and eventually crashing down. I suppose it’s the variety of ideas and emotions that spices up our days, for better or for worse. Here’s a catalog of what’s been spinning in my head and heart over the past week. I am…Curious, about the unknown […]

Wedding Boxes

Over the past month, “A” and I have been collaborating on a set of boxes for a friend’s wedding. These five mahogany boxes are gifts for the groomsmen, each one bearing the recipient’s initials. All of the boxes were cut from a single chunk (that’s a technical term) of wood, so if lined up in […]

The Damage

I spent yesterday at an arts market that is typically a great event for me, sales-wise, and a source of income I have grown to depend on. Six hours of chatting with potential customers and a delightful neighboring card maker, I loaded out of the show with exactly $42 in my pocket.  Result: A long, […]

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