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Kitchen Firsts & Lasts

So much changes in the kitchen this time of year. Out winter stockpile dwindles just as we transplant the new seedlings. We simultaneously welcome fresh ingredients and say goodbye to all those hearty cold-weather recipes. Firsts and lasts abound. ~first corn, last jars of freezer jam and pesto~ ~First green smoothie, last frozen blueberries, picked […]

20 Must-Eat Summer Recipes

Aimee, of Artsyville, recently wrote about the weekly creative prompt called weekword. This week’s word is FLAVOR, so I thought now is the perfect time for me to jump in. The flavors of summer can’t be beat and, luckily, many of them can be prepared with little or no stove usage. Celebrate the Season:Pesto (FuoriBorgo)A […]

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