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Taking The Plunge

Between a vacation to Florida, a stack of orders thanks to that print feature, another show to get ready for this weekend, and a class to prepare for, I am swamped. I kinda feel like the little one on the front of this log ride. Not even trying to hide the sheer terror of it […]

Why I Had An Art Attack

My booth at SoWa Something didn’t feel right. Fidgeting in my bed, I tossed and turned. My breathing was rapid, my toes were twitching, and my belly was churning. I had just returned home from the most successful weekend ever of selling my jewelry. Shoppers showed up in droves, I got to meet lots of […]

Craft Show Hangover

Whew. Another show over and done with. I did the fabulous hand-made artisan show, Craftopia, yesterday and oh, how I love these events. It’s like going to a party, that lasts from early in the morning until dinner time, where I see old friends that I only see at these shows. We catch up, share […]

The Damage

I spent yesterday at an arts market that is typically a great event for me, sales-wise, and a source of income I have grown to depend on. Six hours of chatting with potential customers and a delightful neighboring card maker, I loaded out of the show with exactly $42 in my pocket.  Result: A long, […]

Moss Platter Tutorial

It’s hard to be completely original when it comes to craft show booth design. Seems like it’s all been done, or is beyond my resources. I’ve been wanting to add new features to my display tables, including a new way to display my rings, so when I came across instructions for a moss garden, a […]

Fostering Love

Last fall, my sister and her husband decided to become foster parents. After a long application process, I am happy to tell you they’ve been approved! This is so exciting—for them, and our whole family. More kids to have fun with, more kids to make things for, and more kids to love. They have agreed […]

A Lesson and a Prize

I did my last Design Hive of the year yesterday. It was a pretty busy show, with much better attendance than previous shows this fall. Folks must be getting into the holiday purchasing mindset. I mean after all, some of the big stores have had holiday gear out since Labor Day (I promise not to […]

Good Neighbors

It’s been a while, I know. We are back online, after a complete computer meltdown, all thanks to my sister who loaned us her old CPU. Whew! It’s a crazy feeling, being shut off from the world like that (chuckle chuckle). But I have to give a shout out to my kind neighbors who, as […]


This weekend, I was excited to attend CraftBoston (presented by The Society of Arts and Crafts), a show of contemporary art, craft, and design. I go to CraftBoston each year for design inspiration, to interact with other artisans, and to check out the various booth designs and layouts. I encountered artisans from around the US […]

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