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Kitchen Firsts & Lasts

So much changes in the kitchen this time of year. Out winter stockpile dwindles just as we transplant the new seedlings. We simultaneously welcome fresh ingredients and say goodbye to all those hearty cold-weather recipes. Firsts and lasts abound. ~first corn, last jars of freezer jam and pesto~ ~First green smoothie, last frozen blueberries, picked […]

Italian Ice For All

I think we can officially can this summer the Summer of Italian Ice. We’re obsessed, but the frequent trips to the store to get our hands on some Richie’s Italian Ice is getting pricey and junky. So we figured out how to make our own, and haven’t stopped making it yet. Watermelon: cut up half […]

20 Must-Eat Summer Recipes

Aimee, of Artsyville, recently wrote about the weekly creative prompt called weekword. This week’s word is FLAVOR, so I thought now is the perfect time for me to jump in. The flavors of summer can’t be beat and, luckily, many of them can be prepared with little or no stove usage. Celebrate the Season:Pesto (FuoriBorgo)A […]

Use It or lose It: French Toast Casserole

If you’re like me, you have bread in your freezer. I save it all—those big crusty loaf ends, shamefully old hot dog and hamburger buns, sub rolls, and dinner rolls. Until recently, I only used that leftover bread for croutons or bread crumbs. But oh, I have a new trick up my sleeve now: French […]

All In A Cookie

We love cookies. And batter, and books, and knowing where our food comes from. So a few years ago when I found the book All in Just One Cookie, I knew we had to have it. This hysterical book takes the reader through the process of making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. With each […]

A Flood, an Anniversary, and a Snack

Ahoy! Here’s the state of my back yard at this very moment: Everything is a little topsy turvy right now with a pond for a yard, a wet basement, and two days of school canceled due to flooding. (Makes the mini flood of last summer seem like a walk in the park.) Here’s the good […]

Use It or Lose It: Anything Quesadilla

The second recipe in my Use It Or Lose It series is the Anything Quesadilla. It’s filled with whatever produce you have, or need to use up before it goes bad. I fished through my fridge and found spinach who’s days are numbered, the end of a red cabbage, some wilting green onions, and a […]

The Biga, The Better

I am from Boston, but I don’t mean “biggah,” I’m talking about biga, a bread starter. Cousin to the sourdough starter, the biga is the key ingredient used in Italian-style country breads like ciabatta and pagnotta. It adds flavor and gives a crisp crust and moist chewy inside that, until now, I had only enjoyed […]

Use It or Lose It: The Series

Our One Small Change for January was to be more conscious about the food we have in the house, and waste less of it. So, for the past month we have made an extra effort to use up the produce and other perishable foods before they have a chance to rot. With a little imagination, […]

Between (and sugar on top)

The week between Christmas and New Years is always a unique one. A week filled with a bit of reflection as we absorb the events of the past year, mixed with a sense of anticipation and renewal, as we await the new year. Kate, of Marmalade Moon recently wrote about these days, the “days in […]

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