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How Do You Do It?

I don’t know how y’all do it. My past few weeks have been quite busy, filling orders one after the next, and going through the lessons in my class. I can’t complain. My two children both attend full-time school, which leaves me with a large chunk of daytime working hours, and during those hours, work, […]

Newsy Bits

A few things worth telling, on this very snowy April first. I just got the April issue of Boston Magazine that happens to feature my Copper Jewel Ring. This is my first time having my jewelry in a magazine, and I am thrilled.   Have you heard about Molly’s new site, Blarter? The name is […]


Just a quick not to let you know EarthMama is hosting a giveaway of one of my items this weekend. The winner can choose from the pieces pictured above. Click over for details and to enter to win. There’s also an interview featuring yours truly. As a bonus,  I’ll be offering a 15% discount for […]

Why I Had An Art Attack

My booth at SoWa Something didn’t feel right. Fidgeting in my bed, I tossed and turned. My breathing was rapid, my toes were twitching, and my belly was churning. I had just returned home from the most successful weekend ever of selling my jewelry. Shoppers showed up in droves, I got to meet lots of […]

Why I Won’t Look At The Calendar

I’m still here, and all is well. Just haven’t been here. The momentum of summer has taken over, and I find myself in places far away from the computer. It’s refreshing. In my absence: We found a rainbow I made a whole lotta circles The girls set up an outdoor living room, complete with a […]

More Cabbage Love

Ever notice how gorgeous red cabbage is? I have. And I even dedicated an entire blog post to this most visually-pleasing cruciferous vegetable. Those pretty purple folds create such a striking formation. The contrast of color, the randomness of the swirls, the lineal arrangement that changes depending on how it is cut—it is nature’s ultimate […]

(More) Bookmarks

By now, you may have guessed that bookmarks would be on my roster of holiday handmade gifts. I am lucky to have so many readers on my list, so just about everybody got a custom bookmark, and a book to put it in. My mother and my sister each got a fleur–de–lys in all its […]

Lots of Time = Lots of Projects

Whew. The loooong weekend left us with lots of time to occupy. We cooked and ate and created and read and now it’s time to jump back into the swing of things. The jewelry biz is picking up for the holiday season and those bookmarks have proven to be quite popular (picture me crawling out […]

The World’s Biggest Apple?

A few images worth sharing with you today: Mud puddle fun! A little project I have been working on. I’ll show you more, including what’s inside, soon. (It’s a gift, and I have to give it before I can fully share it) And, quite possibly, the world’s biggest apple. It measures six inches in height […]

As for the Jewelry…

You may have noticed and absence of all things metal in my recent posts. It’s true—I have spent very few hours in my workshop. With the kids home, it is impossible for me to sneak downstairs and get any work done, so we have been spending our days knitting, sewing, and cooking together. And, oh, […]

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