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Ice Cream Scheme

The other day, I shared this picture of custom-ordered word stones with my friends.  I got some positive feedback and then one person (one of my oldest friends) said, “Can you buy ice cream with those?” I was instantly transported back to one of my favorite childhood memories. Brian and I were probably about 5 […]

A Few Things

The second week of April snuck up on me. I’ve got lots of updates and news to share today. Our last “small change” is to put baking soda and vinegar to better use. They serve me well for cookies and salad dressing, but those two ingredients have so many other uses—all purpose cleaner, shampoo substitute […]

Monster Mash, Home Style

There was a Halloween party yesterday that the girls had confirmed they did not want to go to until, of course, five minutes before it was to begin. By then, I just couldn’t fit it in. Other plans had been made, much to their dismay (“Why can’t we just go right now?”). To ease their […]

Hats, Mittens, and a Place to Keep Them

Things are moving fast around here. We had our first frost just the other day and yesterday, only fours days later, we saw our first snow. Over the past few weeks, I have been knitting a new hat for each member of the family and it looks like I finished them just in time. The […]

Surroundings part 2

“Check in the second drawer of the red dresser!”This is something you hear in our household many times a day. No matter what you’re looking for, be it nail clippers, a hair elastic, or a headlamp, you’re likely to find it in the second drawer, our junk drawer, of that dresser. It was rescued from […]


There were plenty of folks at the party this past weekend who had never been to our home. This brought on lots of kind comments about our surroundings—most of which had to do with the great architectural details of our older house (built in 1920) or the landscaping. It got me thinking about where we […]

The House You Grew Up In

I stumbled upon this item a few days ago and haven’t stopped thinking about it. The La-La Theory, a little “zine factory” in Philadelphia, recently published The House You Grew Up In, an anthology of short essays by 17 different authors. Katie, the mind behind The La-La Theory, thinks about the house she grew up […]

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