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A Mentor for Alex

Over the past two years, Alex (also known as “A”) has been going through a piano tuning course, practicing on our own piano and tuning the pianos of friends whenever he gets the chance. But he always felt like he was missing something. He needed a teacher, a mentor, and had called a few local […]

Thirty Four Seconds

1 package of clay 2 days of clay sculpting/photography 2.5 hours of post production thanks to “A” 3 story boards 10 sheets of construction paper 170 photographs and countless clay poses …all equal the 34-second long claymation movie, made by my girls. It features Super Horse and Power Puggy putting a house fire out. It’s a real […]


The imperfections found in all things handmade are the makers mark, the joyous details, the things I run my fingers across and linger on with wonder and admiration

Book Trees Tutorial

We’ve been making a few new holiday decorations to replace the ones we lost, and these are my new favorite—trees made from old books. Here’s how to do it: Start with a paperback book and tear off the cover as well as any paper on the binding. You can make your tree as tall or short […]

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