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A Month of Love and Luck

February turned out to be quite the month. While the grays and browns all around attempted to steal our inspiration, the blogging world pull through, as usual. Giveaways, swaps, tutorials, guides, and links rescued me from going seriously house crazy. I even had a little luck this month, too. Until now, my only brush with […]

block printing for all

Whenever “A” makes a piece of furniture, he marks it with an original carving—usually hidden (like on this table), always incredible. Recently, he decided he wanted to explore wood carving a little further, and try his hand a woodblock printing. With this, my mind started zooming. I wanted a piece of this action, and I […]

Henna Art

Santa brought the girls henna this year, and school vacation gave us lots of time to learn about the ancient art form and have fun with it. We started by researching online and found so many inspiring images, like this amazing work of art. The elaborate designs were striking and the detail is insane. We […]

Book Art

The girls have a new tradition when we visit my parents. My mom takes them to the basement and they go “shopping”. To them, it’s like going on a treasure hunt. They come back upstairs with bags full of old Christmas decorations, various plastic serving dishes, and out-dated costume jewelry. I brace myself to see […]

Nature’s Prizes

Nature tables (or nature corners) are places where folks place their collection of treasures found in nature. The objects change with the seasons, naturally, and serve as a connection to the landscape we live within. They can include seasonal crafted items and artwork, as well. We don’t really have one dedicated spot in our home […]

Only This One Moment, and a Nap

We recently had the pleasure of a much-anticipated hike with friends, complete with four bounding-up-the-mountain girls who stopped, quite possibly, only this one moment… an impromptu trailside art installation (done completely independent of any adults)… …and this little cherub, who found her first hike less than thrilling.

Accidental Gifts

Back—after a quick trip to visit family in New Jersey and a much appreciated change of scenery. It was a whirlwind road trip that blended the relaxing and the non-stop in perfect proportions. We spent a day in NYC and, despite the touristy things we did, it was getting caught in a downpour at the […]

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