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If you’ve been to Squam Art Workshops, you don’t need me to tell you.

If you’ve seen the 6 years worth of blog posts, instagram pics, Facebook updates, and twitter quips from other attendees, then you probably have a good idea.

Everything you think about Squam is true: Simple, rustic cabins. An overall scent of pine needles. Twinkling lights. The earthy smell of so many crackling fireplaces. Postcard-pretty dock and lake views from every cabin. It is woodsy perfection.  It’s even better than you imagined, but you know what? This is not at all what makes Squam, Squam.

Of course it’s the people, who make Squam what it is.

Seldom does one get to be completely immersed among a group of creative thinkers and makers, brought together by a woman who is an intuitive soul, a gracious host, and an inspiring spirit. A maven, she is, connecting folks from all over the world, who just so happen to all be part of the same tribe.

Well, I am here to tell you: when you’re surrounded by your people, your “tribe,” a whole lotta magic happens.

It happens when you’re sitting by the fireplace, getting to know each other. It happens when you’re eating copious amounts of bacon together at breakfast. It happens when you’re belly laughing like you haven’t done in a long time, and when you’re tearing up because someone feels so comfortable that they tell you about their hurty heart. Sparks fly when you’re in class, when you’re swimming in that glorious lake, when you’re lounging on the docks with a glass of wine in your hand, and when you’re headed back to the cabin but run into some new friends in the middle of the dark road, and decide to linger with them instead. Creative chemistry abounds. It fuels connections and collaborations, and it pushes you to be brave in your art or craft.

It makes you dream bigger than you ever thought you would.

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5 responses to “Squam.”

  1. Helle

    Well said…thank you.

  2. Liz eaton

    beautifully said. Agree 100%. It was such an amazing experience that I can’t wait to experience again!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Nina Gilbert

    Really really loving how you put this. Really missing Squam today…

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