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Counting Down

We’re looking forward to so much in the coming days and months. Our household has several calendars, denoting a slew of things to be excited for.

We’re counting down to:

The last day of school: 10 days

Last day of soccer: 1 day (unless the Tall Girl’s team goes to the State Championship, in which case I fear soccer will never. end.)

Beach days: ASAP

A cabin in the woods: not soon enough

Surfing in New Jersey with cousins: a month

The fair: 6 weeks

A handful of camps: all in August

Squam: 3 long months

There’s so much to look forward to in the coming months, but I also know that some of the best memories come from the in-between times. The long, warm days bring impromptu gatherings, sweet lazy moments, and those inevitable fun-filled late nights where the kids run wild in the dark and the parents laugh into the wee hours.

Ten! Nine! Eight!…

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