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On March. (and marching on)

This. month.

This month is…challenging. Here in New England, March is the month of unmet weather expectations, dirty snow, gray days, and mud.

In a funny blurb I saw yesterday, someone is quoted as saying, “To me, the months between November and April are set aside for shivering and depression, with occasional squalls of rage.” At the moment, I concur, but the truth is: I love winter. Honestly, I don’t mind the shoveling one bit. Bring on the drippy icicles, the sparkly blanket of snow, and the snuggly hibernation. I’m game. But along comes March and suddenly I am done with all the cold and snow already. I start to plot our move back to San Diego. I wonder why anyone lives in the north. It devolves quickly from there.

At this time of year, inspiration, bright colors, and adventure are utterly necessary. So, to bridge the pretty days of deep winter and the sweet-smelling days of early spring, I’m on a mission. I’m doing my best to make every day this month a little bit happier, from keeping creatively engaged, to cooking new foods.

Here’s what I’m up to:

It’s always good to be reminded how to stay cheerful and recharge in these late-winter doldrums.

I’ll be making these potstickers to keep things new in the kitchen. And I’m hoping that the girls will like at least a few of these granola/granola bar recipes. We’ve tried lots of granola recipes over the years, and they are so hit or miss in my household.

These giant crepe paper roses would be a lovely burst of color.

My family has planned a local museum tour. We visited the Museum of Fine Arts last week, will be exploring the ICA this week, and next week it’s the Fuller Craft Museum. We’re so lucky to live to close to such great institutions.

(I’m struck by this Neil Welliver painting. How did I not know about him until now?)

This kitten cam is filling any gaps of cuteness we may be experiencing.

I read this article, 18 Things Highly Creative Things People Do Differently. Of course, the “shake things up” point is hitting home right now.

How are you keeping things bright and fun in this patience-testing time of year?

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One response to “On March. (and marching on)”

  1. lauren

    From your blog and such it seems that we are almost neighbors, I live in Hull, on the south shore of Mass, about 45 minutes from the Fuller Craft Museum.
    Could you let me know if you are doing any teaching in the upcoming months? It seems that I could drive to you, and perhaps take a few private lessons if that works for you.
    Looking forward to connecting, in any case.
    Wishing you warm spring spots of sunlight, and bright tulips in the yard!

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