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Mid-Winter Mind Wanderings

I’ve been settled into the new studio for a few weeks now and oh, the natural light. Even in this cloudy, freezing weather, the presence of light has an uplifting affect.

The reality of the transition to working out of the home was presented to me loud and clear when, in the first full week I was to be working there, my Tall Girl got sick and was out of school for days. The very next week? A snow day. Initiation by fire, I guess. A couple of the things that had me fretting about not working at home have happened, and everything worked out just fine.

I’m in a groove now, and my new routine is refreshing.

I thought I’d share a few things that have been on my mind this winter:

>I sent out New Year’s cards this year (pictured above), which will be the new tradition. I just can’t make sense of — or time for– sending holiday cards out during the busiest time of year. But it was so very nice to sit down mid-January with a cup of tea, and write out my postcards.

>I’ve been drooling over the sketches in pencil and paint by Andrew Wyeth, that I found in this book. With just a few quick pencil lines or brushstrokes he conveys a story, complete with history and mood.

>Heard (from local delight-maker Eling) about this website that will make a font out of your own handwriting. If only I had a font-worthy hand.

>I’m doing some business soul-searching, and thinking about bigger vs. better. I’m considering paring down my offerings, in order to make my body of work more cohesive. Do you have experience with this? I’d love to hear your thoughts and advice.

> I stumbled across Hula Seventy on Instagram. Thoroughly enjoying her photography.

>I have committed to running  1000-miles in 2014, by joining a “1K Wonders” running group. So far, I’ve logged in a whopping zero miles, and I offer no excuses. Others in the group have already logged over 100 miles (I’m so impressed!). I’ll certainly have some extra mileage to crank out this spring, to catch up to everybody else. This article is getting me motivated to hit the road again.

>I’m in the midst of my annual winter purge-and-rearrange routine. Re-reading lots of old posts from Small Notebook  and trying to get a handle on the clutter that inevitably creeps back into our home. Next project? Tackling that junk drawer. Wish me luck!


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4 responses to “Mid-Winter Mind Wanderings”

  1. Heather

    I love that picture of the girls! So awesome.

  2. Ann Aubrey Hanson

    Nice post, Amy. Working from home has its challenges, but they are far fewer than the advantages. I love being able to sit when I have a few moments and dig in. It’s a great trainer of focus. As to the “difficulties,” how wonderful that you can be at home when the girls are sick; they can cuddle up on a blanket in a corner and watch Mom work. Believe me, that’s going to be etched into their memory banks!

    You have such blessings in your life! I’m always so pleased to read one of your entries! Love to all!

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