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Big News, Part Two

Big news abounds over here. Last week I announced that I’ll be teaching at Squam Art Workshops this coming fall. Today, I’m happy to announce that the AG Ambroult studio has moved!

I’ve left my super-convenient home studio behind for a gorgeous light-filled space just a few miles down the road. This is something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time, but family obligations and the obvious added expense of having a separate place to create kept me from taking the leap. At this point in my life, I’m ready. My family is ready. AG Ambroult, the brand, is ready. And now that I’m in that space I can tell, there’s no turning back (at least to my basement shop).

The building I’m in is one of those big old brick factory buildings. It’s full of creative and enterprising people like painters, furniture makers, claw-foot tub refinishers, antique dealers, and my favorite stained-glass artist and friend. The building had me at “art school smell” (fellow art school grads: you know). Solvents, compounds, sawdust, and paint — oh, it’s just heavenly!

My studio is long and narrow, with more than enough space to spread my wings (and my stuff). I have it divided in to two halves. One half will serve as the office, shipping station, and display area. The other half is the dirty, dusty side: my workbench and soldering station.

Best of all, I now have plenty of space to teach. This new setup allows me to expand my teaching offerings, which I will be doing promptly. In fact, before I had even worked a day in the new space, I taught a Wedding Ring Workshop there. Having a sweet couple in my studio to make their own wedding rings was the perfect way to christen it. They even brought champagne, so at the end of our session we toasted to their new rings, their upcoming marriage, and to my new shop.

As you can see, I still have some cleaning, setting up, and organizing to do, but that will all fall into place as I settle in to the new surrounding and find out what works best for me.

If you are local, come visit and see where the magic happens. If you’re not, I have a feeling I’ll be posting many more photos, as things start to take shape and it feels more broken in.

I’ll be posting some more info on my expanded class offerings, soon. Exciting!



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13 responses to “Big News, Part Two”

  1. Jen m

    So exciting!!! I look forward to checking it out!

  2. crystal

    I totally love the ‘art school smell’! I love walking into my own mill building because everyday (even after a year) I still feel a little thrill because of that smell. :) Congrats on the place!

  3. anne

    Your new studio looks amazing! Love the green. :)

    And congrats, again, on Squam! So exciting!!

  4. eun

    You are AMAZING! Congrats on this gigantic step. I cannot wait to see the space and more importantly, the work that comes out of it. So so SO excited for you.

  5. Hullabaloo Homestead

    CONGRATS!!!! SO awesome!!!!

  6. Francesca

    it’s been been wonderful to see your creations and your brand blossom during these last few years. congrats Amy!

  7. Barbara

    That is so awesome! I look forward to see the new place and getting a tour.

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