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A Soggy Finish

Yesterday, I did my last outdoor show of the 2013 season, and boy was it a send off. What was forecasted as “showers in the morning, turning to a cloudy Autumn day” should have sounded more like “downpours for the entirety of the show hours.”

C’est la vie. I do a good amount of shows, so I know they can be hit or miss, especially outdoor shows where weather can make or break it. And yesterday, well, the weather definitely broke it. (Let us not forget that garage bands can break it, too.)

wet tent walls

Today, I’m in rainy-show recovery mode. My studio is barely navigable, blocked in every direction by my still-dripping-wet tent walls that I hung up to dry. Paperwork is laid out on tables, and table coverings are tumbling in the dryer. Everything looks a little worse for the wear, all dirty and damp. My moss platter display, however, never looked better.

The event was held on a nature reserve, in the loveliest of settings. Stone wall-lined paths, open fields, hidden bridges, and trails. This place was classic New England, and with the Fall colors starting to explode, it really was a pastoral wonderland. I am positive that had it been a crisp Autumn day, that place would have been rockin’.

bridge in autumn

At the end of the day, I was relieved to schlep my tent, tent weights, etc…into the garage one last time, where they will sit until next May. And next May? I’ll enthusiastically pull them out again, blow the dust off, reorganize, and clean it all. Then I will head off to start another outdoor season full of sun, fun, and yes, I suppose rain, too.

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