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Custom Review

Just a quiet little post, to show you some of the custom pieces I made over the past few months.

from top left, clockwise: carved-and-cast money clip, mother of pearl cocktail ring, carved-and-cast wedding bands, chunky stacking rings

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7 responses to “Custom Review”

  1. Mousy Brown

    I remember the joy of having a custom piece made by you…and can almost feel the excitement of opening that box for the first time looking at those photos….really lovely! 😀

  2. Dana Barbieri

    They are awesome Amy! You have certainly been busy! xoxo

  3. Angela

    Woman, ye are amazing! Those are some beautiful and unique creations-love it!!

  4. anne

    So lovely!


  5. aimee

    gorgeous! that money clip is out of this world!

  6. Francesca

    I love the square ring – what’s the stone?

  7. erin

    you are awesome! love your stuff.

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