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Well hi. It’s been since…June, hasn’t it.

I never intended to stay away so long, but summer’s siren song pulls me in every year. Despite repeatedly writing blog posts in my head I have only photos, no words, to show for myself. I mean, it would be so easy to just pull up the chair and do a little typing when I wasn’t busy:

at the beach

or having a family adventure of one sort or another (here, our pile of climbing gear)

finding ways to pass the time with things like shadow play,

or meeting a blog friend for the first time. Heather wrote all about the day we spent together here, but she left out the funniest part, which was when a gigantic dog walked right up to her boy and stole that giraffe right out of his little hands, and started biting and chewing it. Poor little Landon didn’t know what to do, but he kept it together and the beast’s owner eventually got the stuffed animal out of the its mouth before the toy was in shreds.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Julia, who was in Boston with Heather. Bonus!

or meeting another blog friend for the first time. (Why yes, that is her daughter wearing winter-weight feet-y pajamas on an 89-degree day with 98 percent humidity. Trust me. There’s a funny story behind that, too.)

and having fun with cousins.

Oh well. Maybe next year I’ll have the foresight to just admit that I won’t be posting here during July and August. But Instagram? Well, that’s another story. I’ve been there all summer long. (as agambroult, of course)

The girls went back to school today (insert simultaneous cheers and sobs here), which means I went back to work. There are orders to fill, shows to get ready for, and two months worth of posts in my head. Yes, I have stories to tell and things to show you.  Will you come back soon? I know I will.


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9 responses to “Hello?”

  1. erin

    Glad your back, and so fun meeting blog friends! Missed seeing your posts, but looks like the perfect summer. :)

  2. Mousy Brown

    I’ll be here! 😀

  3. mandy

    i also took an accidental summer break from blogland.
    what fun to meet blog friends!

  4. Theresa

    What a fun blog, I am excited to see your artwork!

    1. Lena

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  5. Nicola

    Your girls are gorgeous. I can’t believe your whole family rock climbs (I am not cool enough to know you, jeez). You got to meet blogging friends?! (Landon is a cutie!). Happy summering and welcome back!

  6. Angela

    Your summer sounds glorious! We will meet up one day; I just know it! Hey I am with you on the simultaneous cheers and sobs. Life is so contradictory. Sheesh. But yes it’s figure out a new schedule and prepping for shows. Best of luck; I cannot wait to see those posts and all of that beauty you create in your studio!

  7. Alex

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