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Wedding Ring Workshop

What’s better than an opportunity that falls into your lap when you least expect it?

A while back, a customer sent me this article about make-your-own-wedding-ring workshops, thinking I might be interested. I immediately connected with the concept and loved the idea of helping people make their own wedding bands. But just as I was deciding I would love to do it, I was simultaneously coming up with reasons why not to. I’m not “set up” for that, my workshop is in my home, I have never taught anyone metalsmithing before, and on and on. The idea was quickly set aside for my “someday when I have my own real studio” list, and that was that.

Fast forward to early March when I met with an engaged couple to discuss their rings. They mentioned in passing that they had read about these workshops, too, and asked if I would consider doing one with them. I expressed my hesitation, but I think my excitement was apparent. They enthusiastically agreed to be the “guinea pigs,” knowing it would be my first time doing this, and we set a date.

The soon-to-be bride and groom arrived at my home and we jumped right in, cutting the stock to the right size, learning to solder, getting the perfect fit, and putting the final finish on. Some steps took some getting used to, some came easy to them. They were patient, curious, and just about the sweetest people ever. As the day went on, we found our groove — them in jewelry making, me as their guide, and we came to see we had much in common (even a mutual friend). At one point we stopped for a break which ended in a ukulele/guitar accompanied sing-a-long with my girls. You just never know what’s going to conspire.

When the rings were to their liking, we packed them in special ring boxes to be kept safe until the big day. I was thrilled to send them off with the bands they will wear for the rest of their lives, knowing that they had even more meaning now. Congrats to the happy couple, on their successful foray into metalsmithing and on their upcoming marriage!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, wedding ring workshops are coming soon to AG Ambroult! If you’re in the greater Boston area, keep an eye out for more information.

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16 responses to “Wedding Ring Workshop”

  1. erin

    That’s so awesome Amy! What an amazing experience for this couple, to have for the rest of their lives. I’m excited for you too… new doors opening and growing with AG Ambroult! :)

  2. Mousy Brown

    Oh WOW ! Magic! (especially the uke! 😀 )

  3. mandy

    how incredibly awesome!

  4. ella @ lifeologia

    Oh wow this is so beautiful!!!!
    What a lovely experience for this couple. What a way to add even more meaning to their wedding bands – LOVE it all 😉
    And I love how wonderful you are in taking in apprentices under your wing 😉 Awesome!

  5. Francesca

    what a beautiful idea Amy!

  6. Jacqueline

    Oh my dearest sweet amy, this is sooo inspiring and awesome!!! What a lovely idea and i am so glad it turn out so wonderful and amazing!! Happy sunday and love to you!

  7. Kate England

    How exciting, Amy! And what a fun, meaningful service to add to your biz! Best of luck with your new project!!!

  8. Heather

    Wow! What a special project to be involved in, and what magic you must have created for these two. Just gorgeous Amy.

  9. Dana Barbieri

    oh wow, that is the coolest thing ever… what a great memory for them. i would of done that in a heart beat! maybe i need to do it anyway, mine no longer fits :(

  10. Angela

    Oh I love it! What a gift to give to people; wow! You are amazing and always inspiring!

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  12. Nicola

    So, so cool, Amy!

  13. anne

    Amazing!! I’ve never heard of this, but what a cool concept. How wonderful for you and for the couple.

  14. molly

    i love this idea! and i wanted to tell you – the other day avery told me that when she gets married (years and years from now), she wants one of your rings for her wedding ring.

  15. Erin Goodman

    I somehow just realized that you had a blog (and have spent the better part of the last hour pouring through it…smiling and laughing as I go).

    All of your posts are beautiful — and I can’t wait to read more — but I just had to comment on this one and tell you how much I LOVE this (and I think many of my wedding couples would too)!!!!

    So inspiring!!

    Love + Light…


    1. AG Ambroult

      um, this is just about the sweetest comment ever left on my blog. Thank you, Erin, for these kind and encouraging words!

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