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Mother of the Year

There are days, and even weeks, when the conditions are ripe for me to make a rash of questionable parenting choices. For my family, the past two weeks have been chock full of reasons I will not be nominated for mother of the year.

I wonder if I really should have…

…taught the girls how to bet on horses

…or let them stay in the hot tub for what surely must be beyond the time limit recommended for children

…or fed them cookies for breakfast. And ice cream for dinner.

…and turned the house into a rollerblading rink yet again.

…or let them use the crutches as stilts and a walker as a jungle gym

Day-to-day protocol be damned, I say! Vacations (and post-surgery days?) are for breaking the rules, and oh, to delight the girls with a nod of the head and a knowing wink. I won’t be up for any parenting awards anytime soon, but sometimes saying yes is so much more fun than saying no.

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10 responses to “Mother of the Year”

  1. Mousy Brown

    Yep! I am right with you there…forget the disapproval and what others may think, sometimes the wrong ways are so, so right! Keep doing it girl and you will win Mother of the year from two of the most important judges! lol (Ps email still in draft form due to life…will be in touch soon! xx)

  2. Francesca

    Surgery? Hope nothing serious! That crutches game looks like a lot of fun :)

    1. AG Ambroult

      yes..flipping crutches over and using them as stilts is good fun. And everybody is fine. Alex had surgery on both knees last week but he’s doing great :)

      1. Tassilyn

        The forum is a brgethir place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

  3. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    Goodness, if those are the things that discount us from ‘best mum’ prize, God help me! Sounds like fun to me and I’m coming over! (PS are you ok?)x

  4. Angela

    Um I’d say you up for the awesome mom award! Whoa surgery on both knees? Does he have turbo knees now? I hope he heals up fast and you keep having fun!

  5. erin

    Amy, you’re awesome! I agree.. it is funner to say yes than no! You are fostering fun and happy memories … and when its all said and done that’s what I want for my kids to have… great and loving memories of growing up. You rock!

  6. Susie

    kids learn how to say yes when they hear their parents saying yes. way to teach by example!
    My brother taught his kids to play craps to help with fractions.

  7. ella @ lifeologia

    Hope your mr is doing well….
    Yes Yes Yes – you are the best mom!
    This is what childhood and mamahood needs the most – some fun!


  8. Heather

    This made me smile, and you are truly a wonderful mama!

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