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An Update from Ambroultville

Has it been over three weeks since I was last here? Hm. Time flies when you’re living in eternal spring, I guess.

It’s been glorious here the past month, which is to say it’s been very un-winter like. For the first February school vacation I can remember, we went hiking instead of sledding. And when the rain put a damper on our outdoor fun, I rolled up the carpet, cranked the music, and turned my house into a roller rink. In-line skates are always fun, but have you ever heard of a wave board? It’s a 2-wheeled skateboard, and riding one is the closest sensation to surfing that you can get on land. Speaking from experience, I would highly recommend elbow pads when riding.

With all this springy weather, my garlic has been up since right after I planted it. The Forsythias have been chomping at the bit, budding early, just about to burst. I’m helping a few branches along, by forcing them on my kitchen windowsill. These will be part of my display at the Boston Gift Show (which is less than two weeks away now! ohmgodIhavesomuchtodo).

Forcing Forsythias was a suggestion from Ella, who so kindly shared all her show/graphic design/styling insight with me. She suggested the yellow flowers would compliment the  green in my signage and displays. She was right — they look great together.

She also suggested I make a pin of my logo. So I did. (It was one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Thank you, Ella!)

There has been so much preparation for this show. I made a wholesale catalog, which is now downloadable from my site (under “wholesale” the password is “elemental2012” if you’re interested in taking a peek. I still have more pieces to add to it, but I wanted to make it available for now).

I gathered some fresh new moss for the display bowls I use, and I gave my painted displays a new coat of glossy moss green. I know you’re thinking that’s a lot of green, but don’t worry, it looks nice when it’s balanced out with all my natural wood displays, too.

I must admit, I might have crossed the glossy-green-paint line when I painted that stool. Alex built it about 8 years ago and it had this gorgeous rustic finish. Shiny green has nothing on that time-worn feel. Before I had even finished the first coat I was already thinking about how I would strip the paint off, post-show of course.

Okay, back to my list of pre-show tasks I go. Since I may not be posting again until it’s done (late March), I have a few links to leave you with:

Lisa recently linked to a clever gardening site that tells you when to plant your seeds. Just enter your zip code and get started.

Speaking of gardens, I have the perfect spot on the back of my garage to do this.

Rhythm of the Home Spring edition is out.

Ella has a sugar detox challenge going on. I think could benefit from that, but it means I couldn’t make these Nutella oatmeal bars


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14 responses to “An Update from Ambroultville”

  1. Dana Barbieri

    a wave board??? wow, sounds so fun. I can just picture your booth. Ah, it is going to be so lovely. I love green and those forsythia branches and moss… sounds so pretty Amy! oh, and the sugar thing… hard, hard, hard, I am working on it and have done pretty good but I love sweets so it stinks. everything in moderation right?

  2. Ann Aubrey Hanson

    Great post, Amy. I’d love to have seen you and the girls wakeboarding! You’re my kind of mom, definitely! And I love the pin. Is it for sale on your site? I’ll have to go look. How I’d love to see your show! Good luck, and good selling!

  3. Mousy Brown

    Surfing in the house – that really rocks! Have fun at the show and don’t kill yourself getting ready! I’ll raise a glass to you in Paris with Valarie – maybe next time you can come too!!? 😀

  4. Kate England

    Lots of great news, from spring, to play and work! Best of luck with your show and congratulations on getting a wholesale catalogue going! Happy gardening! :) xo

  5. Louisa

    Great entry, Ames. I love hearing about the goings-on in your house. And guess what? Of my own volition, I decided to give up desserts for three whole months (started March 1, ending June 1 at my sister’s wedding)! So it was cool to be led to that link affirming my choice and length of challenge.

  6. Carrie

    love everything about this post!

  7. e l l a

    Oh you’re so darn sweet….. you made me blush the whole way through this post ;D

    I’m just super proud of your accomplishments and this is a great step for you Amy. Have an awesome show! I know you will rock it!

    Those forsythias will be beautiful – – BUT with all that heat I think they’re blooming too early!
    Mayday! abort mission!
    I think you need a new batch going or even just fresh from a bush will do. Oh I’m no gardner, and this AWESOME summer weather (which we are also getting a piece of) surely is changing up nature’s own schedule…. so feel those branches out and have a very fresh looking batch at the booth.

    Rollerblading in the house? You’re the coolest mom, ever! (I can hear your kids shouting that ;D)
    My girl rode around on her scooter but with good rubber wheels ;D

    As if I wasn’t already happy and proud of you???? You’re also doing a ban on sugar. I think I love you 😉
    As much as this is so important and you will feel great with less sugar – (you could make one exception with the show day ;/ eekkk, I know of all people, for me now to say bring sugar! But you could have a little dark chocolate around (those Clif bars are great) maybe some Brazilian nuts with it for a little energy pick me up + lots of water ;D) ohhh and don’t forget to eat – I hear when it gets busy, people just forget to eat! 😉

    Oh and I’m loving the green pots with moss – and the stool will be happier going with you.
    And the pin looks fantastic!
    You and your ‘works of art’ will look spectacular and memorable.
    Good luck my dear ;D
    Big Hugs.

  8. Angela

    Oh you have been busy! I think I have seen a wave board. Yes, elbow pads are indeed a must! Sounds so fun though. I love that green and your pin is divine! Big hugs and have an awesome show!!!
    You are so inspiring. I am branching into something new myself. I hope it works out.
    Big cyberhugs to you; you rock!

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  10. anne

    Just stopping by from ART*FULL Sketchbook to say “hi”! Hope the show was wonderful!

    Oh, and I love that gutter idea!

  11. Jacqueline

    Dearest sweet Amy, i love spring and it’s wonderful to know you are enjoying it to the fullest! So many wonderful news and all the best with your show! I knwo it’s gonna be just wonderful!! Have a beautiful week and love to you!

  12. erin

    Your booth at the Boston Gift Show was amazing Amy! Can’t wait to hear about it. Loving spring, and I agree you are a rocking mom to roll up that carpet! :) Love your pin… pretty much everything you make is just beautiful.

  13. molly

    just popping in to say hello. it’s been way too long! looks like you’re up to lots of good stuff :) my kids love to rollerblade in the house too, but now we might need a wave board. i think i’d like to try one. and the link to the gutter gardens – i’ve been trying to talk george into mounting gutters on our fence for years! they’d be a great way to grow strawberries. glad to have a visual now. i’m going to pin it!

  14. Heather

    Sounds like you have been one busy lady! Everything looks beautiful, and I have got to look up the wave board for the boys. That sounds like tons of fun!

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