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duct tape flowers

I made these super easy duct tape flowers for the girls for Valentine’s Day, and then we all made a whole bunch more together. They are adorable and colorful in a vase, and even cuter as pencil toppers. You can find a plethora (inside joke for any Three Amigos fans out there) of tutorials on YouTube.

I make tons of bread, and seem to gravitate towards the same (fantastic) recipes, so I thought I’d share them:

For our big-batch sandwich bread, I usually use this one. The only alteration I have made is that I divide the dough into five loaves, instead of six. Makes for bigger bread. I also like Mandy’s Daily Bread recipe.

For crusty soup bread this recipe is the yummiest and easiest.

This guy is recreating iconic art on his whiteboard. I love how temporary his masterpieces are, and that idea excites me.

Apparently, I have been living under a rock, because I had never seen this video (which has been viewed roughly 55 million times). I have Jane to thank for dragging me out from my dark underground hiding place. I am now obsessed with this band. OBSESSED, I tell you (and so is my whole family).

Imagine not having to wait on hold when you’re trying to reach a customer service rep? That’s what the Fast Customer app promises. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s going to make the next dreaded call I need to make a little less dreadful.

Dana is hosting her ART*FULL Sketchbook course, starting in April. I’m signing up. Anyone want to join me?

My Love for You recently did a twitter interview with Jenny Hart. Her embroidery art (especially the portraits) is out of this world. I must be feeling the thread love lately because just a few weeks ago I made a collection of thread art on Pinterest. Hmm.

Happy clicking! Happy weekend!

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8 responses to “Net Goodness, for You”

  1. aimee

    oh wow! we found a rose pen in the whole foods parking lot just like this, and it looks so hard to make. not so you say? maybe a future creative explosion here! i love ’em!

  2. erin

    Whew, I need some more bread pans. You and Mandy both make large batches. I use for my whole wheat bread. i also use her cheap cheap french bread recipe all the time. I have a grain grinder so I’ve tried soaking my grains and used’s whole wheat bread. I need to try mandy’s recipe, it looks awesome (just need more bread pans).

    Love the girl’s flowers and that thread art is pretty amazing! :-)

  3. Kate England

    Wow, love those flowers! The colours!

    I adore the embroidery art of Jennifer Hart! Just breathtaking…

    Enjoyed checkin out your bread recipes, you wouldn’t happen to have any recommendations for a breakfast roll?

    Take care!

  4. mandy

    I’m so glad you like the bread recipe Amy. I need to go back and make some changes as I’ve tweaked it abit. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the duct tape flowers my nieces will be super into making some.

  5. Francesca

    A twitter interview is an interesting concept. I don’t use a recipe when I bake bread, I need to check out yours, and expand my horizon! :)
    PS love the thread board!

  6. Angela

    Awesome flowers! Duct tape can be anything and you are just so creative with your beautiful family!
    Thanks for all of the sweet links-a plethora of goodness abounds on your blog!

  7. jacqueline

    dearest sweet amy, those flowers are really beautiful! :) Must be such fun to make with the girls! Oh and thanks so much for all the beautiful links….that soup looks yummie and dana’s class sounds so interesting! Happy merry sunday! Love to you!

  8. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    Hurray for duct tape! Always love new bread recipes so thank you friend x

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