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28 responses to “I’m Streaking!”

  1. molly

    what great advice – and so very true. too often i think i have no qualifications, and while that may be true, so what? i can still do whatever i want to do, and learn in the process. streak on!

    1. AG Ambroult

      yep. learning in the process. It’s my M.O.

  2. Ann

    I love that you say your streaking! We al streak in our own way… I will streak with you any day!

    1. AG Ambroult

      it should be said that I learned my streaking techniques from you :)

  3. erin

    I’ll join you Amy! Such an inspiring post!!

    1. AG Ambroult

      yay! here we go!

  4. louisa

    oh, how i needed this today! thank you!

    1. AG Ambroult


  5. barbara

    Now this is a great post and one I really needed in this moment. thank you.

    1. AG Ambroult

      yeah, like somebody wrote in the comments above, “we all streak in our own way.”
      it’s so true. I remember feeling that way when I left the hospital with my first baby, too.

  6. aimee

    join the clueless club! (though i must say, it certainly looks like you know what you’re doing, and that’s what counts, right?)

    1. AG Ambroult

      well then it would seem I really pulled a fast one on you, Aim.

  7. Nicola

    Yes, I want to join you! As long as it is the kind of streaking that doesn’t involve stripping my clothes and running past people really quickly!
    You ARE all those things, beautifully, Amy, and so much more!

  8. Dana Barbieri

    yes, we all feel this sometimes. but forge ahead we must, no other choice really right? i just added your post to my five for friday links. xo

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  10. Kate England

    *nodding* so true! Especially, I think, when you are doing something a little off the beaten track? Or when a hobby becomes a job?

  11. mandy

    Amy what wise words you have here in this post. I found myself, like, literally nodding my head in agreement.

  12. Francesca

    I don’t think life comes with a navigation map – but it sure is handy to have a compass, and I think you have that! :)

  13. jacqueline

    Dearest sweet Amy, i am with you all the way!! Such an inspiring post and i am nodding along side with everyone! So so sooo true!! I really needed this push of support these couple of days!! Thank YOU!! Have a beautiful Valentine’s week sweet friend! Love to you!

  14. Susie

    I’m streaking post partum and it is really not pretty. but I’m with you sister. SOLID. xox

    1. AG Ambroult


  15. Barbara

    a big big thank you for this!!!!!!!

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