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Super Horsey and the Fruitie

Once upon a time there was a horse named Super Horsey, who busied himself with all things super hero. Saving New York City ? No big.

super horsey

Super Horsey has some friends called the Fruities. The Fruities are multi-talented athletes and all around happy folks (look at those smiles!). Skiing and weight lifting are among their favorite pastimes, but sometimes…

Fruity athletes

…life gets the best of even the Fruities, and they’ve been known turn to robbing banks.

Fruity bank robbers

My girls write about these characters a ton, and we have volumes of Super Horsey adventures and Fruitie tales.  We were all so smitten with them that I decided they needed to be “taken to the next level,” as the girls say. Yes, it was high time to have Super Horsey and a Fruitie brought to life. I knew just who to ask.

Super Horsey to the rescue

Jen from Zooguu is an amazing artist and crafter, and she makes the most fabulous plushies. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her at the local art markets and I was sure she’d do Super Horsey and the Fruitie justice.


Of course she made them better than I had ever imagined they could be. Exact replicas of my girls’ drawings but even better, with bendable arms and legs and a perfectly huggable size. She even drew (sewed) the mouths in a sketchy style, a nod to their paper-and-pencil beginnings.

We’re all so happy that the adventures of Super Horsey and the Fruities are no longer limited to the written page. I think you folks living in the NYC area can sleep soundly now, knowing the hero horse is at the ready. As for the Fruities, well, we can only hope that the physical world doesn’t drive them to a life of crime.

Check out the Zooguu website for games, tons of freebies, adorable plush toys, and even a PDF pattern to make your own stuffed narwhal.

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13 responses to “Super Horsey and the Fruitie”

  1. Susie

    i can’t decide which is more fantastic, your daughters’ incredible talent or those rad stuffies. it boggles the mind. i could use super horsey right now to deal with some annoying bureaucratic stuff. how is super horsey with bureaucrats?

  2. Mousy Brown

    So, so cute and clever too! xx

  3. e l l a

    OMG Loving Super Horsey and Fruities!!!!
    the plushies turned out amazing
    your girls are so imaginative and creative – my girl would have loved this series – give me the heads up when it gets published 😉

  4. mandy

    oh, I LOVE this!!!

  5. Nicola

    Oh my goodness! Such fabulous creations by your girls (love the smiles) and the plushies to match! You should create a bound book out of these art stories, Amy!

  6. Angela

    Oh my I am loving the story (robbing banks?! hee hee) and the plushies brought to “life” are just a dream. Awesomeness!

  7. shannon

    Wowzers, so much awesome here I don’t know where to begin! Whoot!

  8. erin

    Your girls are so imaginative, I love it! You should (and I know are) be proud. Seriously, I’m sure your house is filled with so much creativity between you, the mr. & your two littles. So glad these characters got to come “to life”. And you are right, Jen did an amazing job! :)

  9. Jacqueline

    Oh my sweet Amy, i adore Super Horsey and the Fruities!! Jen is amazing and your little girls really do have great imagination! Loving the stories. Have a lovely merry happy new week and love to you!

  10. Francesca

    Your girls are so creative, both in their story making and drawing!

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