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An 8 Box and 29 Cylops Bixters

Why does it seem like kid years go by faster than adult years?  That must be the case, because my baby just turned eight. As you may already know, birthdays in this house mean more birthday boxes, and I got a little pang of  excitement when I realized it was time to gift another Eight Box. The Eight Box is  a collaboration between “A” an myself, a special daddy-made birthday box filled with mama-made jewelry.

The little dude on the front? He’s a “Fruitie,” a character my girl made up and writes about frequently. You’ll see a bit more of the “Fruities” in the next few days.

Before it was a monkey house…

…it held a necklace with a husky charm, a “Power Puggy” charm (another of her frequently-drawn characters), and a Fruity.

…and a small copper ring with her initials stamped into it. In this picture, she’s peering through her new birding binoculars, looking for more birds to add to her life list. The girl’s list is already much longer than mine, and I’ve got 29.5 years on her.

Switching gears, I’d like to take a moment to thank the local public school officials for banning bringing in food treats on a child’s birthday. I know, I sound like a total party pooper, but seriously…it was getting to be a bit much. But what I don’t think the school rule-makers know is that they opened up a window for something super sweet to happen. Wanting so very badly to bring something in to school to celebrate her birthday, my girl made 29 “cyclops bixters” for her classmates, with 29 little construction paper envelopes to put them in. And she’s not the only one who has created little something’s for her classmates on her special day. All of a sudden these kids are having fun giving as a way of celebrating. Now that is a reason to celebrate.

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16 responses to “An 8 Box and 29 Cylops Bixters”

  1. Lily Chatterjee

    Love your writings Amy. Love it love it. Thank you for sharing. You are indeed a remarkable human being. Love and Peace, Lily

  2. Mousy Brown

    Love the fact that the giving has become a great as the getting of gifts – magic! I so wish you were my mom and dad and that I was 8, that box and its contents are magic too! 😀

  3. Carrie

    please adopt me Amy – you are one of the greatest mums out there xx

  4. Sharon P

    LI’ve this Aim! That Ruby is one special kid.

    1. Bobby

      That’s really shewrd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

  5. Angela

    Those charms are amazing! You go!

  6. Jacqueline

    Dearest sweet amy, happy belated birthday to your baby girl! I am loving this post so much and i always always enjoy reading all your inspiring posts. A handmade gift from her dearest ones is just awesome. I love that adorable box and the necklace is just so meaningful and beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy first week of 2012 sweet friend! Love to you!

  7. Mrs.Fox

    Well my dear Ru, you are 8 now. That was the quickest year yet. Congratulations on such an achievement. I really really love your cyclops. What a very special treat for your friends. You are such a fun and thoughtful girl. We, all of us, miss you and your sister and parents very much. Let’s plan an adventure very soon. Maybe on the high seas or something. :) Much love and hugs to all.
    Mrs. Fox , O, Z, M, and Mr. Fox

  8. Nicola

    Ohhh, happy happy 8, Ruby! I love your birthday boxes. I think they are not only a fabulous tradition, but so beautifully thought out and crafted every time. Very, very cool parents you are!

  9. Nicola

    By the way…Finnian was fascinated with every photo. This is from him: 4
    And for Ruby from him: 8
    :) 77777777777777777777

  10. Kate England

    Thank you for making me smile! Yes, the gift of finding pleasure in giving!

  11. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    Beautiful traditions…we are just planning our sweet girls number 6! By the way, your comments about sweet treats really hit a note. What a lovely lovely alternative. x

  12. erin

    Beautiful necklace charms Amy & the box too. I love that you put so much of her into your creations for her. Love the cyclops bixers, so creative and adorable. I love the school’s no sugary treat policy. Cami’s school is always giving sugary treats, which can be kinda a pain.

    1. erin

      oh yes & happy birthday to your sweet 8 year old. :)

  13. Dana Barbieri

    What an awesome gift! Your girls are so lucky! I love the charms and ring and that box… awhhh. What great keepsakes.

    I agree that policy is wonderful. It gets crazy how much junk the kids get at school. Do they still do bake sales?

    I love that they are making things to give to their friends. So sweet. Happy Birthday!!

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