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I’ve been away too long. I miss it here. Thing is, I haven’t been anywhere exciting or done anything spectacular in my bloggy absence. I’ve been doing much the same as always, just…not in front of the computer.

In the past few weeks I’ve shifted into production mode because this year, people, this is the year I will be sufficiently prepared for the busyness that is the holiday season. For the next five weeks, it’s go, go, go, so for the past few weeks it’s been make, make, make. Here’s a peek at some of the little piles of pieces in various stages of production.

A bunch of nearly-complete Bouquet Rings.

Piles of Ripple Bracelets, in three different finishes

Roughed-out ring shanks by the dozen

A big pile of potential. Leather wrap bracelets, coming soon.

And this? Well there’s production going on outside of the workshop, too. Five Elf hats down, five more to go!

I’ll be hanging around these parts a little more now, I think. I might even get crazy and post again in the next few days. Why not add the blog to the production line too?

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9 responses to “Production”

  1. Carrie

    i’ve missed you but wow girl – you have been working hard! very impressed xxx

  2. Mousy Brown

    5 new elves??? What gorgeous things you have been busy with…nice to see you back xxx

  3. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    Those rings are lush! I always say “next year I will have made loads and be ready…” but not this year again (been too busy helping kids make giant insects!) xx

  4. Nicola

    Oooh, gorgeous handmades!

    I have been feeling the same lack of presence myself. I have all these ideas, projects, and living to share on my blog, but the truth is, finding the time and energy to share it all hasn’t happened and it might not. Oh well…I can inspire myself if no one else.

  5. shannon

    I’ve definitely been more prepared this year, and it feels good.

    Of course, I have a much lighter show-load than I normally do, but I am hoping for a rockin’ farmer’s market season.

    Anyway, I’m sure part of the reason I’ve increased production is that I’ve been spending much less time in front of the computer, and I sure do think that helps me stay focused. I feel like my brain scrambles a bit after poking around on the ‘net too long and it takes a while for me to reign myself back in. Therefore, my blog has suffered.

    btw, I think that pile of bangles is delicious, and I love to see a stack of knits, oh yes I do. :)

  6. erin

    Noah and Cami have cute little elf hats. I love them! Such a busy time for you I’m sure, lots of beauty in these pictures. And yes, I heart my necklace, you’re awesome. :-)

  7. Francesca

    you take beautiful photos of your work in progress :)

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