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If I Could

If I could see the world through my girls’ eyes

I would be full of inspiration, bursting with enthusiasm, finding wonder in anything and everything.

I would have thought to make the flour jar into “Flour Beach” all on my own. But instead I take that jar out and put it away time and again without notice.

I would have spotted this praying mantis near our front steps with my own keen eye, but instead I was hurrying into the house, going through my mental “to do” list.

Ideas for new pieces like the Cloudbreak Necklace would spin in my head, swirl around my dreams, and push their way to the surface each day. But instead I have days where I sit at my workbench or with my sketchbook, searching for new ideas that never come to me.

If I could see the world through my girls’ eyes, my inspiration would be bubbling up and spilling over, manifesting itself in delightful and surprising ways. Like theirs, my art would be prolific. I wouldn’t have to go looking for ways to flex my creativity.

Lately I’ve been pouring through books like The Creative Habit, and listening to podcasts like the Craftcast interview with Todd Henry, trying to find my mojo again. But it turns out the solution, the answer, the motivation I seek is right in front of me. So, my “to do” list to day is:

  1. Splash in a puddle (check!)
  2. Glance through their sketchbooks (check!)
  3. Pat the cat for a prolonged amount of time
  4. Sit on the floor and eat cookies while chit-chatting about how mad they are (but they’re not really mad at all) at the boys who chase them at recess
  5. Join them in a game of “wacky ball” 
  6. Snuggle with a favorite blankie 
  7. Fall asleep with a pencil in my hand, notebook on my chest
  8. sleep soundly, worry-free

Yes.  I think I could see the world through their eyes, maybe if I just stop thinking about it so much.

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16 responses to “If I Could”

  1. Mousy Brown

    Sounds like a good to do list to me! Let me know if it works and I’ll join in! xx

    Ps – love cloudbreak! 😀

  2. Angela

    Love this. Thank you!

  3. mandy

    i love that necklace Amy.
    and these words of yours here today are very beautiful and very timely for me.
    and flour beach, well, that just made my week : ).

    1. AG Ambroult

      hee. I made my…week, month, year…I know I’ll never get rid of that flour jar now, anyway!

  4. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    How sweet and true. Just lovely. And please tell your girls, I shall not look at my flour jar in the same way again! x

    1. AG Ambroult

      I know, me either! I want them to make art from all my jars now. Who knows what else they could come up with. I encourage you to leave a flour jar and a sharpie out for you kids and see what happens!

  5. Francesca

    your girls are pretty unique, and that beach flour jar is the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in awhile. they wouldn’t have seen that in a simple flour jar had they not been the daughters of a creative mother. personally, I believe that no one can be creative all the time, and that when new ideas don’t come, it’s time to take a breather (or #8). but I can also see how this wouldn’t necessarily agree with the demands of a job!

    1. AG Ambroult

      oh, to sleep soundly, worry free! So true, what you said, that one cannot be creative all the time. I should stop feeling like it’s a requirement.

  6. Kate

    Love cloudbreak and flour beach!

    I wish you worry free sleep, and I believe in your creative mojo! You’ll rediscover it! It’s just different than your girls, because yours comes with more experience. Both as beautiful, sincere and expressive!

  7. Dana Barbieri

    Awwhhh Amy they are just too cute! Isn’t it great what kids notice/come up with it/want to try. We are so used to rules and limits and they are such free thinkers. They are true inspirations.
    Cloud break is so pretty and peaceful. I hope you found that peaceful, sound sleep.

  8. Nicola

    Cliche, but we really do get a second chance when our children are born. I hope I never grow up.

  9. Jacqueline

    Dearest sweet amy, such a beautiful post and it made me smile! I adore that flour beach and that beautiful cloudbreak! Have a lovely merry happy week sweet friend and love to you!

  10. erin

    Your girls are so creative. Love that jar and such a great reflection for my to look through the day through child like eyes. Joy-filled, authentically happy, & full of fun!

  11. Dana Barbieri

    Just stopping by to say thanks for confirming that it will all be o.k. Big hugs!

  12. ella | lifeologia

    Amy this is so sweet 😉
    I need days to stop and look through a child’s eyes also – I should be making a new ‘to do’ list for me soon 😉

  13. Amelia

    this is so beautifully written and a potent reminder. I’ve been thinking exactly the same things recently! As I embark on my art MA year 2 I am determined to sink fully into that flowing creative process from doing and being, rather than always seeking.

    Love your new digs too (I know it’s been a while!)


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