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A Blog Friend Gets Real

I have a friend. A friend I have “known” for about three years now. A friend whose children I have watched grow, whose accomplishments I have cheered, whose drive I have admired. Yet, until a few weeks ago we have only known each other in the cyber world. As luck would have it, Valarie, of “A Place Like This” came to Boston, and we spent a couples of day together.

It started with a tour of the USS Constitution where we met in person for the very first time. We explored the ship and learned some fascinating facts but the highlight for some of us was playing on the giant weights in the shipyard. They came this close to moving those.

Later that day Valarie and two of her kids came to our house for dinner. We ate, chatted, and laughed like we were family. The younger kids broke the ice with a puppet fight and moved on to some Lego building. After a little resistance and lots of talk about how “rusty” she is on the keys, we convinced Valarie to play the piano for us. Let me tell you, folks, if that was her “rusty” then I don’t know what to think. She’s amazing.

Her boy, “O” spent much of the night as my husband’s apprentice, which was equally as thrilling for each of them. Alex had someone to enthusiastically babble on about woodworking with, “O” had someone willing to teach him how to use the tools and show him the process behind a finished product. And that boy has a love for learning like none other. When he and Alex were done in the wood shop, “O” and I went to my shop and he tried his hand at soldering, hammering, and bending metal. I see a future in the skilled crafts for him.

Meanwhile, Valarie’s older daughter, “Zuzu” told stories of exciting things in her near future, and she beams with potential, enthusiasm and a surprising amount of insight for a twenty-three year old.

We snuck a “girls only” picture while the menfolk were in the wood shop, and later got a great one of the whole group too. We said our goodbyes and promised we would meet up again someday. Well, that day ended up being a week later, because Valarie and “O” joined us for apple picking! You can read all about our day at the orchard here, at Valarie’s blog.

While meeting people you know from online is generally something we tell our kids to avoid, I highly recommend it! Here’s to friends, “cyber” or in person, or otherwise.

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17 responses to “A Blog Friend Gets Real”

  1. e l l a

    That is so much fun! To be friends for so long and finally meet. I just love how this new technology is bringing people together and making the world so much smaller than it really is.
    Big Hugs to you all 😉 xo

  2. Mousy Brown

    I LOVE that photo – how much I wish I could have been there too! It made me smile from ear to ear reading this post – brought back lots of happy memories of Valarie’s visit here…heres to many more meetings between cyber friends!! 😀

  3. Carrie

    I am so jealous – what a lovely thing to have happened :)

  4. jacqueline

    Dearest sweet amy, i was smiling from the start of the post till the end! How cool is this…to see two of my favorite ladies together! Such wonderful and inspiring time and all your kids are just gorgeous! Beautiful family! I hope one day i get to meet the both of you! :)
    Thank YOU so much for your words of wisdom over at my blog post! Thank you for your encouragement, love and your support! I am loving that awesome quote you shared with me. Thank YOU! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  5. Jane

    Fun! Friends and boston! The perfect combo!

  6. Francesca

    I too got together with someone I’d met online, and it was great fun – but don’t tell my kids!:)

  7. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    Yeah! Recommend it totally. If you are ever in London….xx

  8. erin

    oh sounds like such fun! Valarie is so sweet! Do eye spy a dandelion dream shirt on you? I love your ring to Amy! It might be my new fave from your shop. I’ve really enjoyed blogging and the online friendships I’ve made, I think it would be so fun to meet in person. :)

    1. AG Ambroult

      why yes, that IS a Dandelion Dream shirt I’m sporting! (because it’s my favorite shirt right now and I wear it, like, everyday)
      …and glad you like the ring, that’s my all-time best selling piece. :)

      and who knows when our paths will cross. Maybe someday we will meet!

      1. erin

        I hope so, I’d love that. :-)

  9. Michele at A House Called Nut

    Aw, wonderful! How nice that you got to meet in real life and that you hit it off. Really nice photos. Thanks for sharing, Amy.

  10. Kate England

    Wow, how fun!!! What a fantastic treat for all of you!

  11. mandy

    How awesome!

    “While meeting people you know from online is generally something we tell our kids to avoid, I highly recommend it! Here’s to friends, “cyber” or in person, or otherwise.” this made me laugh.

    Would love to meet you in person someday!

  12. e l l a

    Hi Amy,
    I have one of your beautiful rings in my Showcase today :)
    Take a look:

    xo Ella

  13. Heather

    How cool is that! I am sure it was a blast to meet up, and I am so glad that everyone had such a great time.

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