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Notes from the Jeweler’s Bench

A peek behind the scenes

This post isn’t one about metalsmithing or the techniques I use or the pieces I make. No, this edition of “Notes” is a peek behind the scenes of an arts festival. Here I am, in all my glory. Not exactly what you expected? Let me explain. Most days at a show/market are long, but the frequent conversation with customers and your neighboring vendors keeps the day moving along at a steady pace. All in all it is a pleasant experience and these markets are a great way to make a living. But some days…

photo courtesy of weehah!

Some days your tent is located next to the stage and the speakers are pointed directly at your tent so you cannot hear your customers. Then you realize you don’t have any customers because of the music and the tragic volume level. And the band is a teenage garage band, who appears to never have rehearsed, ever. So you stop caring if someone steals all your product, lay down in a tiny spot behind your display and pretend it’s not really happening, begging the good lord to please. let the band. be. done. Eventually, your prayers are answered, customers come back to your tent and seagulls in the sky never sounded so delightful.

On to the next show I go!

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14 responses to “Notes from the Jeweler’s Bench”

  1. mandy

    oh, man, that sucks.
    but the photo is awesome!

  2. Francesca

    oh dear – I guess I’d do the same, and also hope for a little power failure … :)

  3. Nicola

    Oh, Amy. That royally sucks. Has your hearing returned? Ha.
    Look how cute you are, though! Making memories…

  4. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    Oh bless you dear friend. That picture – funny and vulnerable at the same time…sweet, thanks for sharing it! Hope you get a more gentle experience for the next one xx

  5. erin

    Oh dear! So sorry Amy, glad the power failure came… the band went… and you could enjoy selling at the market again. Seriously, who thought someone would love to listen to a loud teenage band while looking at handmade beauty?! I do love this pic of you though… good for the memories. :-)

    1. AG Ambroult

      I know. It was crazy. There was a great bluegrass band that played later that day, and instantly there was a huge crowd. THAT is the kind of music people want to hear at an arts festival!

  6. Angela

    Oh Amy you are too cute! Sometimes I don’t think organizers have vendors and customers in mind when they set stuff up for a show. I am so glad the customers and birds returned. Speaking of that, I have the exact same Alexander Henry fabric. I love what you did with it! I made a smock a couple of years ago out of that and I am still hoarding the rest of it! 😉

    1. AG Ambroult

      I loooove that fabric. But I can’t take credit for the apron. I bought it on etsy. I was going to attempt to make one myself, but got lazy. Anyway this is much sturdier than I would have made it. I love wearing it at shows :) Be sure and let me know what you eventually do with the rest of your fabric!

  7. Mousy Brown

    Soooo funny! Hope you are all recovered now…. xxx

  8. aimee

    i am squealing! if this isn’t how i’ve felt after every art show for some reason or another!

  9. ella | lifeologia

    Ohhh geez that must have been torture!
    Love the photo – I guess it will always remind you of the crazy times 😉

  10. hands follow heart

    Oh no! That must have been terrible! The picture says it all. I hope the following fairs were less noisy.

  11. woolf

    i just found you, or rather your blog, via francesca’s. your writing is fresh, i deeply enjoy. your art is… all masterpieces, but that’s the word raher not mentioned… ai. but i mean it!
    anyway, nice to meet you.

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