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Don't Say The "M" Word

Don’t Say The “M” Word

I banned a word from my household. Masterpiece. I don’t wanna hear it again. But the sorry truth is, I was the one who started saying it. “oh, sweetie! What a beautiful drawing! It’s a masterpiece!” So, like any kid who hears time and again that their art/writing/music is a masterpiece, my girls started thinking […]

Summer Summary 2011

Summer Summary 2011

It’s funny because, as novel as each summer seems, it turns out they are much the same every year. Beaches, ice cream, and carousels are recurring themes, with lots of sweat, laughs, and water play in between. sketching the view from the top a big pile of water balloons that lasted approximately 2 minutes monkeys […]

Notes from the Jeweler's Bench

Notes from the Jeweler’s Bench

A peek behind the scenes This post isn’t one about metalsmithing or the techniques I use or the pieces I make. No, this edition of “Notes” is a peek behind the scenes of an arts festival. Here I am, in all my glory. Not exactly what you expected? Let me explain. Most days at a […]

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