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Home. It’s Where We Are.

Home. Where I long to be pretty much all the time. Except when I’m stuck here.

A’s truck broke down and he is muddling through the repair on his own. Long story short, it’s been two weeks of us being a one-car family. And that one car serves to get A to work and back each day.

Did you know that I have fantasized about being a one-car family before? (fewer bills! Better for our health! Better for the environment!) But in reality, it’s kind of a hassle. We live in the (small) town center, and can walk to the library, the convenience store, bank, and playground, so I cannot complain too heartily. Life is good. It’s just so… limited, especially when these last few precious weeks of summer vacation beckon us to explore beyond our immediate horizons. To get away while we can. To luxuriate in the lack of a schedule.

Since the girls and I are spending oh so much time at home, I thought I’d share some of it with with you. This is where you can find us. We’re discovering new corners of our home, finding old games, making up new ones, and having close-to-home adventures.

Take a peek:

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16 responses to “Home. It’s Where We Are.”

  1. aimee

    puzzles! you are so brave. any pieces missing yet? all we have to do is open the box in our family and at least five pieces vanish immediately.

  2. Kate England

    Hello Amy,

    Have I mentioned how much I love your new nature themed jewelry? It’s just beautiful and seems so you…

    Anyways, I enjoyed this peek of your pretty home! What a lovely detail with the staircase and the little window! And what a perfect spot for a table, with a view in every direction! It looks so wonderful!

    Take care,

  3. Francesca

    Lovely corners Amy – your house is a nice place to be and hang around. But I do understand the slight sense of claustrophobia, hope you have bicycles and good public transport around there!

  4. mandy

    having been a no car family, and then a single car family, and now a two car family, i FULLY understand how tight home can feel, even for those who love being at home. transportation is such a wonderful privilege, i hope you guys get your wheels back soon…and until then I know you’ll come up with lots of creative solutions. Good thing it’s not winter, that’s when I thought I’d loose my mind when we didn’t have a ride.

  5. jacqueline

    Dearest sweet amy, happy family time!! Your home is so beautiful and cozy! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week! Love to you and yours!

  6. Dana Barbieri

    Hi Amy. Sorry about the car. That stinks. I know. Have been there. He sounds very much like my hubby. I hope you are up and running by now. Your home looks lovely and cozy and love the plants.

  7. Angela

    Oh man! I hope the repair ends well and quickly! It is good to be home though close to all kinds of stuff, but I know what you mean. I’d love to try to tackle a puzzle like that with the three, but I think I can hear the future “tantrums” from here so I’ll wait.
    Thinking of you and sending healthy car wishes your way!

  8. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    So nice to see your home Amy…all we need now is a pic of where you blog surf from so we can picture you! Wishing your car is fixed speedily xx

  9. erin

    I love these corners of your home. If you are to be stuck anywhere, this is the place to be!! Hoping your car is fixed soon. :)

  10. Imene

    I think you are making the best of your one car family situation. We had one car for three years when we arrived to the US. When baby number 2 arrived it was too much of a hassle to get everyone ready to go out every morning so I could drive my husband to work. The funny thing is I miss it, staying home and not having anywhere to go..makes me want to declare a non driving week ;o)

  11. Michele at A House Called Nut

    Catching up after a long while, Amy! I really, really love your fern + fungus necklaces. So pretty and original! Hope you’re enjoying the last days of summer near home and that the truck will get better soon.

  12. Valarie

    Home looks like a beautiful place to be. Your home is just lovely. We stayed home all summer too and loved every minute of it. Have I told you how much I like your nature jewelry. It’s just incredible! Enjoy the last days of summer.

  13. Nicola

    Your home is gorgeous. I swear, every east coast home photos I have ever seen are gorgeous. A shot of our table out our window nets a fence!

  14. Susie

    your home is as lovely as you. i am dreaming of the day when my kids can sit around a table for several hours doing the kind of puzzle that has a zillion tiny pieces. while i take a nap. xoxo

  15. hands follow heart

    Your house looks like a lovely place to spend time in! We’re lucky we can be a one-car family even though we live in suburbia, but Warren can walk to work. Soon we will need to look for a new house nad our luck might change… :-( Fingers crossed we’ll be able to find something nearby!!

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