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The Birds and the Bee

My vegetable garden is an explosion of flowers just waiting to be pollinated,  so I thought it was time to pay homage to the humble honey bee. There has been a lot of bee dreaming (and reading) around here and ultimately, I’ve decided it’s not in our cards just yet. But there is always room for a few bees in the shop.

honey bee necklace

As for the earrings…yes, I put a bird on it. These were a custom order for a gal who is “very asymmetrical.” Therefore, she gets two  different silhouettes. I love that concept (thanks Denise!), and might make a few more pairs of mismatched earrings with other critters on them.

It’s summer goodness all around (in my corner of the world, anyway). What are you dreaming about?

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13 responses to “The Birds and the Bee”

  1. mandy

    i LOVE that necklace!

  2. Angela

    Those are gorgeous! You have so much talent!!
    I love the asymmetrical idea too.
    I have been thinking about and drawing bees a lot lately. I think they are underappreciated for their beauty and for what they do for us and the world.

  3. Mousy Brown

    Really gorgeous – love the different birds! Bees are on our mind here at the moment too – I have dreamed for ages of my own and am just about to start helping a neighbour with his as a first step in the right direction…very, very exciting! Have a good weekend (full of making!?) See you in class! xx

  4. Carrie

    I adore the bee it is stunning!!!! you totally rock x

  5. Denise wallace

    Thanks Amy
    She’s gonna love them!

  6. Francesca

    I really like the asymmetrical bird earrings – they remind me of the fun times when I used to wear different earrings!

  7. jacqueline

    Dearest sweet amy, your vegetable garden sounds beautiful! Will you share photos of it when your yummie vegies blooms? Oh my i really adore your gorgeous earrings and necklace. So beautiful and there’s some so natural about them. Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  8. erin

    I love the necklace & earrings. You are so talented Amy!

  9. Dana Barbieri

    ahhh… veggies grown by you. That is on my someday list. Not enough sunny spots in this yard. Just a few tomatoes and basil growing here. The new pieces are awesome Amy!!

  10. aimee

    you are a master of silhouettes! beautiful!

  11. ella | lifeologia

    Oh I love them miss Amy!

  12. Theresa

    I LOVE these!!!
    Come say hi and see what our songbird Skylar is doing. It is very cool.

  13. Nicola

    Gorgeous! I love the bee. Sweet display in the leaves.

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