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The Best Ages

Seven and Nine. That’s how old my girls are, and these are the best ages. But you know? So were six and eight, and five and seven and four and six. Any age combination including a three year old was decidedly not the best age. The “terrible” twos were a breeze for us, but the threes? Not so much.

old enough to repair their own toys

Every year, new things come up and old things fade. No more tiny girls needing juice, they can get it themselves. No more zipping zippers and tying shoes. Instead, we’re driving to soccer games, blowing through chapter books, and looking out the window to make sure they’re still on the block. Yes, seven and nine really are the best. Right now we have the perfect balance between girls who still need us, but girls who don’t need us too much. Girls who play on their own for hours, but still check in with us on their own accord. Girls who still want to be just like their mother (god bless ’em) and marry a man just like their father. Actually no, they want to marry our cat. They call him “the boy of their dreams,” and that works for me. (See? little enough to want to marry a cat. Big enough to feed said cat. It’s perfect.)

old enough to help fold the laundry

Every year growing up, my mother declared that my sister and I were at the best ages, and I believe she even said it when I was 16. (Whether or not she said it when I was 17, however, cannot be confirmed.) But every time she said it, I felt proud.  So, I have started telling my girls that their current ages are “the best ages,” too. And I mean it.

young enough to still leave me notes like this for no special occasion

Times like this are in my future, I know, so check back in with me in about eight years and we’ll see if I’m singin’ the same tune.

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12 responses to “The Best Ages”

  1. Angela

    Absolutely beautiful. I love they want to marry the cat! It’s better that way I think.
    😉 I think it’s wonderful you fold the laundry outside. Even when I dry on the line, I tend to bring it inside to fold. I never thought of just staying outside with it.

    PS: Have you heard of the Greenway Open Market in Boston?

    1. Abrhem

      Sure have, Laura. Not when I wrote this post, but soon after. And wow, it’s a good one, folks. I’m thrilled not only by the lvoley things they say, but by the seriousness with which they approach my work, the successful aspects and the less so. Makes me feel I actually can say my work and there’s something out there. I’ll be posting quotes from it soon, but you can read the whole thing . Thanks so much to the Ja(y)nes at

  2. Eunie's Seestar

    Hmm. Little Supervisor recently gave our cat Sherwen a haircut. They were apparently playing “beauty.” I learned about this when I discovered the chunks of cat hair on the steps…

  3. Dana Barbieri

    That is so sweet. As my kids are about to hit 4 and 6 I feel the same. Best ages. o.k. being able to get their own drinks… that may be the best. :) Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  4. ella | lifeologia

    Ahh so sweet! The notes…. (I can’t wait) The cutest post ever, really 😉
    and I also feel the good times are still ahead of me. You’re so right, the 3’s suck and we’re close to 4 and I have my fear that nothing will change.
    ps. I absolutely love the horse with duct tape 😉 I will have to show this to my girl 😉

  5. erin

    Oh please don’t say the threes are horrible. I’m hoping hoping that Noah’s craziness will calm down when he can communicate more. Your girls are the sweetest. Don’t you just love and sweetness. My Cami will say things like “mom, your the bestest mommy ever.” It seriously makes me smile. Sounds like you all are in a great rhythm and I love how you tell your little ones how much you enjoy them.

  6. molly

    oh amy, what a beautiful tribute to your daughters. i’m going to have to remember to tell my kids more often that they are the best ages. (i don’t think my mom ever said anything like that to my brother and me. maybe she feels that way now.)

  7. jacqueline

    Dearest sweet amy, this is such a beautiful inspiring post! Your girls are so beautiful and you are a beautiful mama. :) I hope me and my mister get a chance to have a baby of our own some day. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  8. Francesca

    Each year I think “these are the best ages!”. And you know what, right now I think 14, 12 and 4 ARE the best ages :)

  9. Nicola

    How am I so behind on your beautiful blog?
    Sweet sweet post. Thank you for what lies ahead…keeps my spirits up, so I can look forward to being out of the 3s and know that they won’t be too grown up just yet.

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