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Because the Kids Are Away…

Because the kids are away…

…I lingered in the yard alone and noticed a rainbow right before my eyes.

…and I ate those raspberries myself


Because the kids are away…

…I got lost in a stack of books. Some for the pure sake of dreaming, some for a near-future plan.

…I left all the stuff that was strewn all over the lawn where it was, to remind me of their imaginative and comical play

…I went to my neighbor’s house for a drink by the fire at midnight

…I slept in


Because the kids are away…

…I got my first full day in the workshop since school ended

…I plowed through a few lingering orders

…I downloaded a new audio book and luxuriated in peaceful (albeit sometimes loud), unhurried process of creating in metal


Because the kids are away…

…I wonder what they are doing this very moment

…I am dying to hear all about the fair

…I’m relishing the alone time but counting the minutes ’till I have them back.

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9 responses to “Because the Kids Are Away…”

  1. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    Ahhh.. yes…so sweet and sour isn’t it. Enjoy the sleeps and the gentle lolling. Love from your London friend xx

  2. jacqueline

    Dearest sweet amy, sounds like an awesome day! I am so happy you got the time to relax and the time for yourself. :) Oh my. i adore those adorable earrings and stone name! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

  3. Francesca

    so sweet! Your last line is perfect.

  4. Susie

    wonderful post. I’m kind of writhing in jealousy for the obvious reasons. i’m only barely patrolling blogs again and came here first. xoxo

  5. Julie

    What a splendid way to spend time alone! Enjoy it while lasts and enjoy them when they get back.Those earrings are beautiful.

  6. erin

    Love your rainbow… I need to keep my eye open for a natural one for my Cami girl, she loves those so. Glad you got some time, some refreshing mama time. We all need that every now and again. :-)

  7. Angela

    That rainbow is spectacular. Congrats on getting a full day of creating time and on that fireside drink with a friend!
    Oh oh are you going to keep bees soon. They have been an obsession in my thoughts for a few weeks!

  8. Nicola

    Oh…a tad envious, but only a tad. Loving my time this summer. Am adding some of those books to my library request list…

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