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The Birds and the Bee

The Birds and the Bee

My vegetable garden is an explosion of flowers just waiting to be pollinated,  so I thought it was time to pay homage to the humble honey bee. There has been a lot of bee dreaming (and reading) around here and ultimately, I’ve decided it’s not in our cards just yet. But there is always room […]

Because the Kids Are Away...

Because the Kids Are Away…

Because the kids are away… …I lingered in the yard alone and noticed a rainbow right before my eyes. …and I ate those raspberries myself   Because the kids are away… …I got lost in a stack of books. Some for the pure sake of dreaming, some for a near-future plan. …I left all the […]

young enough to write me love letters for no special occasion

The Best Ages

Seven and Nine. That’s how old my girls are, and these are the best ages. But you know? So were six and eight, and five and seven and four and six. Any age combination including a three year old was decidedly not the best age. The “terrible” twos were a breeze for us, but the […]

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