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Vacation Ready

As of today, we are officially one week into summer vacation, and it already feels like a whirlwind. A trip to a favorite pond, the movies, strawberry picking, various playgrounds–we have already moved a couple of cards from the “go” pocket to the “went” pocket on our summer center.

So today, a home day, with nothing on the schedule but perhaps enjoying some homemade strawberry ice cream or pineapple sorbet.

The girls may update their summer journals, which are already full of observations of nature, like my tall girl’s drawing of the “female teenagers” we saw at the park the other day. Heh.

Or they may work in their creative writing notebooks. My plan was to give them a prompt each day and have them write on that topic. But somehow, a certain little someone manages to turn every topic I give into a story involving horses. Creative indeed.

I have a feeling it’ll be the end of August all too soon. In the mean time, we’ll fill our days with inspiration, adventure and, if nothing else, ice cream.

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14 responses to “Vacation Ready”

  1. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    very inspiring Amy :) we have 3 weeks to go before it all starts!

  2. aimee

    oh, amy, i love your idea of the “go” and “went” pocket! i’ve been searching for some things to do/make/visit with my kids and this totally fits the bill. maybe a “do” and “did” pocket too? if i give this idea a whirl i’ll let you know and give you full credit! we’re already five weeks into summer, so i need to get on the stick!

  3. Mousy Brown

    Oh I can’t wait till our holidays start….we always have a huge poster with all the things we want to do on the fridge door (we cross them off as they get done and keep any left over for the next holidays) but I love this idea even more….and why just keep it for the holidays? I think something like this could help me organise all the creative stuff buzzing in my head….I am inspired! 😀

  4. Dana Barbieri

    Looks like summer is treating you guys well. The icy treats look so delicious and you are such a good mom having an awesome summer center. I should of done that. Now with it being under way I don’t feel like I will get to it.
    p.s. i love the story about the pony. so sweet.

  5. Francesca

    What a sweet story about Amber and Fern. Happy summer!

  6. jacqueline

    Dearest sweeet sweet amy, sounds like the summer vacation is off to a fabulous start! Oh my!! I am LOVING your “go” pocket to the “went” pocket on our summer center!! So inspiring. Everything is just beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!!

  7. Angela

    I adore your summer journals-so fun and creative. Your ice cream and sorbet look delicious. Hmm a summer center sounds great. I think that is much more interesting than my boring list! Summer flies so quickly around here. Have a great week!

  8. molly

    i think i need to make a summer chart!

  9. Bill Rowe

    Your post made me think of all the summer vacations I’ve had, approx 40 and the ones I remember the most were with the kids. All the crafts we did together, the fishing trips, camping adventures, building of sand castles on the beach, day trips to the Algonquin Park, the daily walk to get your ice cream cone and vacations with the boat on the lake, all good memories that I still have today where most things I forget about. I also can remember my parents never taking me on vacations when I was a young boy, it was off to my uncle’s farm for the summer months when school was out.

    May you have many enjoyable vacation with the kids, the memories will last a lifetime.

  10. Valarie

    Looks like a great start to summer. Hope you guys had a great 4th of July.

  11. erin

    I love the summer center. Glad to hear that you all are enjoying your summer so much. :-)

  12. Nicola

    Lovely, and as it should be!

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