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Today, I’m:

Loving the 6.8.11 post from Molly.

flipping for this tutorial on making tape

beaming about this tiny little harvest

looking forward to much, much more of where that came from

smelling cat food. A new brand of cat food that seems to emit an foul odor. nice.

chuckling at the fact that I can still recite most of the lines  from this movie. And yet, I cannot seem to remember to put my daughter’s recorder in her backpack on the days she needs it.

waiting for our blackberries, so I can make this drink.

wondering why my kale never came up

getting into a groove with the forest series. Here’s another: the Shell Fungus Necklace

wishing I owned this shirt

realizing that Father’s Day is Sunday. Found this cute post on easy projects dads can do with their kids.

loving this series, from which I’ll (hopefully) get lots of new ideas to cook from the garden

oohin and ahhing over these gorgeous DIY drawer handles

counting the days left of school

smiling because there are only a few

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21 responses to “Today, I’m:”

  1. mandy

    I love that new necklace Amy!

  2. ella | lifeologia

    Beautiful necklace Amy.
    Love your linkies. You’re so cute to include mine 😉

    I was just thinking of you while I was glancing at the game tonight.
    Might as well be the first to congratulate you 😉
    I do love how Boston Pizza changed their branding though – did you see? LOL

  3. louisa

    and i am
    LOVING this blog post.

  4. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    Ahhh. i am just finishing our traditional father’s day t-shirt! Its lovely seeing their drawings of daddy evolve! x

  5. Mousy Brown

    Great list with such cool things to check out – roll on the holidays, we can’t wait either! xx

  6. Dana Barbieri

    Nice list and nice necklace Amy!

  7. Francesca

    Thank you for all the great links, I love the paper tape tutorial, I would have never come up with that idea. The new piece for your forest series is gorgeous. Happy harvesting!
    PS and thank you for spending so much time over at my site – I’m touched!!!

    1. AG Ambroult

      I know, that homemade tape! why didn’t I think of that? And i love to come to your site. I don’t get over too often, so when I do, I usually have a lot of catching up to do! And since I know I will love every post, I look forward to going through them all.

    2. Melvina

      What’s it take to become a sublime exnpdouer of prose like yourself?

    3. 100 free kredit report queue

      Apparently the pass to Delanie that hit him in the helmet was his fault. Insted of him turning around, getting his hands up and squeezing it, it was that Alex threw it to hard and too high while trying to evade a 300 lbs linemen.

    4. american family cars

      I recently started running also! Just finished my first 10K a few weeks ago and I’m training for a half marathon now! Like you, I never thought I could do it – but doesn’t it feel great!?

  8. erin

    Ella’s handles are so awesome! Great list Amy…
    Love the shell fungus necklace.

  9. Angela

    I am so glad school is out. The last week was filled with so much craziness-completely unnecessary cray-cray. It was school-sponsored no less. You have blackberries?! I absolutely love love that necklace.
    What are you up to when school lets out?

    1. AG Ambroult

      cray-cray, indeed. hurrah for vacation! yep, we have blackberries that were already in our yard when we moved in. As for the summer, we head to the cape a lot, since my parents live there. Built in grandparents/beach visit all in one. perfection. and you?

  10. Heather

    That necklace is so beautiful, and all the links are wonderful. I hadn’t read Molly’s piece yet, and I needed it :)

  11. Nicola

    Gorgeous necklace, as always! I am loving your list and enjoying being in the moment.

  12. jacqueline

    Dearest sweet amy, such a beautiful post and i really enjoy reading thru your list and clicking away! Your necklace is really beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy friday and an awesome weekend! Love to you!

  13. Valarie

    Hi Amy,
    Finally finding my way back . I do not know what happened to June. I blinked and now it’s ending. Who’s loving this forest series? Me….I am. I also am really enjoying this list of links. How fun! Hope all is going well and that school has finally ended.

  14. molly

    oh how i love that shell fungus!!! off to check out some of your links :) happy summering!

  15. Erica's Seestar

    Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

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