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14 responses to “Magic Magic Magic Wand…”

  1. jacqueline

    Dearest sweet Amy, i love magic too and each time i read or watch Harry Potter, i would really get into the story. Love it. These wands are gorgeous! Love them. :)
    Oh and YES i did get the spark kit at that name your price birthday deal! So HAPPY you did too! :) I am really enjoying it so far and trying to soak in on the details. Thanks so much for the mister’s birthday wish! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. e l l a @ lifeologia

    These are awesome!
    There’s a little magic happening here too but we’re not that advanced yet 😉

    I admire that both you and your husband have these magic hands to create such beautiful things.


  3. Concetta @ Glittering Shards

    Can I have one with unicorn hair in the middle purrrleaase?

  4. Nicola

    I love it all…the obsessions, the wands, and that they were a popular gift turned shop item. Perfect!

  5. mandy

    oh, my, these are very very cool!

  6. hands follow heart

    Isn’t it wonderful that the world of childhood is pure magic?! Those wands look fabulous, very professional ;-).
    Your site is looking beautiful too, well done!

  7. Mousy Brown

    They are fantastic – can we call him Ollivander now? 😀

  8. Angela

    I have always loved magic and sea monsters and mysterious things (even though the latter two can creep me out). Your dude made some awesome wands-just beautiful and loads, loads, loads better than those plastic ones. Awesome. You two are quite a pair!

  9. Francesca

    Love them!

  10. erin

    Two creative souls under one roof, very cool. I love these, and even how imaginative the girls are with them. :-)

  11. Kate

    What a magical idea! Love these wands! Also wanted to mention how lovely your new forest inspired series of jewelry is and congratulate you on teaching metal classes! Hope you enjoy summer!

  12. Dana Barbieri

    You two are a very talented couple. Very pretty wands.

  13. Valarie

    Wow, how fantastic. Mimi, O, and I were talking about getting Zaina a wand for her 22nd birthday and here they are. I’m heading over now to see what’s available. Know that if they are all sold out that an email will becoming for A via carrying owl to commission one. I must state that everyone in this house is very well versed in spells and blockages. No surprise I’m sure. Have you seen the latest from our love J.K.Rowling. ….Pottermore? I cannot wait.

    1. AG Ambroult

      well, I believe he accepts orders via carrying owl, too, so you’re in luck. OMG I hadn’t heard of Pottermore! We looked it up and the girls are beside themselves. “Mama, how many days until October?”

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