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Ten Things

Ten things I did this week:

1. put (some of) the finishing touches on this site

2. enjoyed a day with just my nephews

3. tried to make a horsey pinata for my girl’s ninth birthday celebration coming up, but it was a royal flop

4. bought a pinata

5. unveiled the first of a new series of pieces inspired by the forest

6. delighted in the toothless smile of my seven-year old

7. saw my mother for the first time in too long (Hurrah! Nani is back!)

8. made lots of corn muffins and mini cupcakes

9. found out I’ll be teaching a metals class (or two) this fall

10. bargained with the devil for (Got three in a row!)


what about you?

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9 responses to “Ten Things”

  1. Francesca

    I love your fern necklace, and I’m excited about your new forest inspired series! Happy celebrating!
    PS one thing I did this week, yesterday to be precise, I went out in the hail to rescue our scarecrow – I didn’t think we’d made it all that water/hail proof.

  2. erin

    Amy, I love your new fern necklace. Congrats on teaching the metals class, how awesome. We are enjoying the time with friends in the UP of michigan right now. So wonderfully relaxing. :-)

  3. jacqueline

    Dearest amy. i love love reading your 10 list!! Oh my your new forest series is looking gorgeous!! Beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy week sweet friend and love to you!

  4. Heather

    A forest inspired series! I can not wait. I love the new space and I am so happy for you that things are coming together so well.

  5. Earth Mama

    bargaining with the devil again are you? well thanks for sharing some sunshine down here!! but you could have kept some of the heat, but we cant be picky now can we? Im loving your new site here. its snazzy. keep cool and happy belated birthday and toothless grins.


  6. mandy

    I’m digging your new space here and Loving that fern necklace; I love watching the new super green ferns unfold, there is something magical and prehistoric about ferns.

  7. hands follow heart

    I have been very busy too. So much so that I disappear from the online world momentarily! But I’m back and hoping to share bits and pieces of what I have been up to. Oh, how charming is the fern necklace, so delicate and beautiful. As soon as I’m done with this comment I’ll go check the collection. Your corn muffins inspired me. Maybe we’ll make some for this afternoon snack yum yum.

  8. Angela

    Your ten list is awesome! Congrats on the class! Those are some super lucky folks. My ten list:
    decided to embrace the busy chaos with a kind of good attitude, made some peach cobbler, started experimenting with paint chips for repainting my walls, watched True Blood Season 3, saw Bridesmaids, started experimenting with a new technique, used size 1 needles for the first time, decided to make my own glycerine soap, committed to hanging out w/a friend once a week for my nerves, drank a whole lot of tea.

  9. Dana Barbieri

    ooh, teaching, cool! Congrats.
    love mini cupcakes and i can’t wait for the toothless smiles.
    oh, we are going to make a pinata, well try anyway. it was that bad?
    glad you have time with your mom too

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