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How Do You Do It?

I don’t know how y’all do it. My past few weeks have been quite busy, filling orders one after the next, and going through the lessons in my class. I can’t complain. My two children both attend full-time school, which leaves me with a large chunk of daytime working hours, and during those hours, work, […]

Taking The Plunge

Between a vacation to Florida, a stack of orders thanks to that print feature, another show to get ready for this weekend, and a class to prepare for, I am swamped. I kinda feel like the little one on the front of this log ride. Not even trying to hide the sheer terror of it […]

Newsy Bits

A few things worth telling, on this very snowy April first. I just got the April issue of Boston Magazine that happens to feature my Copper Jewel Ring. This is my first time having my jewelry in a magazine, and I am thrilled.   Have you heard about Molly’s new site, Blarter? The name is […]

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