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Ice Cream Scheme

The other day, I shared this picture of custom-ordered word stones with my friends.  I got some positive feedback and then one person (one of my oldest friends) said, “Can you buy ice cream with those?” I was instantly transported back to one of my favorite childhood memories.

Brian and I were probably about 5 or 6, and desperate for ice cream (desperate!), but neither of our mothers would give us money to buy some. Getting our hands on the good stuff was going to require some ingenuity. So, we spent some time searching for small, round, flat stones—ones that resembled coins—and when we were satisfied with how many we had, we strolled to the corner store. Nervously, we each picked out our ice creams, and placed them on the counter. When the cashier told us the total, we nonchalantly tossed the coins on the counter, looking in every direction but his face. He paused for what seemed like an hour then said, “OK. All set,” with a smile.

We were stunned. Our ice cream scheme had been a success! As soon as we were outside the store we broke into a sprint, dying to recount every detail of our “trick” to our older sisters. They were equal parts incredulous and jealous. We were equal parts boastful and guilty. And full.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to hear the kind clerk’s version of that story now.

What about you? Do you have any stories/memories involving stones?

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17 responses to “Ice Cream Scheme”

  1. kendra

    that is a fantastic story. how cool. i love those stones!!! i think i might neeeed one. <3

  2. agirlandherbrush

    i LOVE it! i think you must have made that store clerk's day. he probably just didn't have the heart to tell you no. how sweet and what a great story! thanks for sharing amy!!!

  3. thespunmonkey

    Ha! I can totally see The Boy doing that…I would have NEVER tried it…such a shy li'l thing I was…and so afraid of getting caught! Great story, Amy!

  4. mandy

    what a great story.

    we don't have many stones around these parts…ah, perfect midwestern soil! But, my husband and his cousins had a magical white stone they used to go diving for in the clear lake water in montana…and they still have that stone out at the lake, just waiting for the next generation to be old enough for diving!

  5. ella@lifeologia

    This is hilarious Amy!
    I love it. That must have been the sweetest store clerk I'm surprised he didn't burst out laughing 😉

  6. jacqueline

    Dearest sweet Amy, these word stones are gorgeous! Oh and how i truly enjoyed reading your story! I used to play this 5-stones game at school. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. Also thank you so much for your well wishes on my move. Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  7. ella@lifeologia

    Hi Amy,
    I have a shout out to you on my blog today 😉

  8. Angela

    Too funny! You all were resourceful. I don't have many stone stories. We just try to collect as many as possible without hurting ourselves, and the fact that I can't skip stones to save my life. It's pitiful!
    Your stones are gorgeous-so beautiful!

  9. Nicola (Which Name?)

    That is a fantastic story(!!) and those stones you embellished are gorgeous.

  10. Francesca

    I love your word stones. That cashier was a clever man.

  11. Mousy Brown

    I wondered at that comment at the time…glad I know the story behind it now – Brilliant!!

  12. Valarie

    Amy I love this story. I really love that clerk. What a heart of a child they had. I use to collect agates from the beach and put them in a jar. I loved to see the sun reflect off of them. Didn't buy me anything but happiness. Thanks for sharing your story. Just love it. Oh I said that already but it's true i did.

  13. Concetta

    Oh my goodness those stones are sooooo good. I want one!

  14. erin

    Oh Amy, I just love this story! I think I would have loved myself to be the cashier. I'm sure it made their day.

    Your stones are just beautiful. I just love them. :-)

  15. Dana Barbieri

    Hi Amy. Love the stones and what a sweet story!

  16. jane

    love this! :):):)

  17. barbara

    What a wonderful story. Such a great man, that cashier. And your stones are very beautiful.