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Notes From the Jeweler’s Bench

A Metalsmith’s Morning (Glamorous it is not) Each day starts with getting the girls up and off to school, followed by a little computer time. Then the work day starts, without fail, like this: Make a (second) cup of tea Tape up (to cover the cuts and scrapes that I seem to get every day) […]


Just a quick not to let you know EarthMama is hosting a giveaway of one of my items this weekend. The winner can choose from the pieces pictured above. Click over for details and to enter to win. There’s also an interview featuring yours truly. As a bonus,  I’ll be offering a 15% discount for […]

A Mentor for Alex

Over the past two years, Alex (also known as “A”) has been going through a piano tuning course, practicing on our own piano and tuning the pianos of friends whenever he gets the chance. But he always felt like he was missing something. He needed a teacher, a mentor, and had called a few local […]

Ice Cream Scheme

The other day, I shared this picture of custom-ordered word stones with my friends.  I got some positive feedback and then one person (one of my oldest friends) said, “Can you buy ice cream with those?” I was instantly transported back to one of my favorite childhood memories. Brian and I were probably about 5 […]

Thirty Four Seconds

1 package of clay 2 days of clay sculpting/photography 2.5 hours of post production thanks to “A” 3 story boards 10 sheets of construction paper 170 photographs and countless clay poses …all equal the 34-second long claymation movie, made by my girls. It features Super Horse and Power Puggy putting a house fire out. It’s a real […]

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